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Oh, don’t look so incredulous. We live in a world where major motion pictures have been made for board games and those emoji characters on your smart phone. So really, the idea to make a movie based around a specialized dating website was going to happen sooner or later. Only, the fact that there was one made based on a popular Christian dating site, and as a light hearted faith-based rom-com was enough to pique my morbid curiosity, and thus the reason for my reviewing this*.

Christian Mingle stars that other Party Of Five costar that isn’t Nev Campbell or Jennifer Love Hewit — Lacey Chabert — as an ad executive named Gwyneth that is good at her job, but is woefully unsuccessful in finding that special someone that makes her heart go pitter-pat. Deciding to take maters into her own hands, she signs up on the dating website Christian Mingle. Problem is, she hasn’t been to church for years, and has lapsed in her Christian upbringing. But, that’s okay, as she purchases some items to help her fake it: The Bible for Dummies and Christianity for Dummies. And yes, these are actually available for purchase at your local bookstore. Presuming everyone knows what a bookstore is in this day and age. Anyway, she meets a guy named Paul, and after a couple of slightly awkward yet successful dates, Paul takes Gwyneth to a Bible study and finally to church to meet his parents, where, during after church lunch at a place named Steak & Cake**, Paul reveals that he’s traveling to Mexico with his family’s construction company to repair a church in Mexico. She accompanies them, and during the trip it’s discovered that she really isn’t a Christian, and thus Paul breaks up with her for the deception. Ironically, after returning back to the States, this helps to kickstart her own genuine Christian faith, and in the process, begins to learn what is truly important in this world. Although, regardless, she still gets the guy in the end, so, boo on that.

For what it is, Christian Mingle: The Movie is a harmless, light-hearted rom-com that leans less toward Christian propaganda and more toward an honest attempt to entertain. The result is corny, fluffy and quite a bit cheesy. But, there’s a kind of charm about this that would lead me to give it a repeat watch more than, say, any one of the God’s Not Dead movies, or anything Kirk Cameron has recently produced.

I do not regret watching Christian Mingle: The Movie. You may not regret watching it, either.

[* = Fun Fact: I actually made my youth group with this one evening. Because I love them. Imagine what I would do if I didn’t like them.]

[** = Another Fun Fact: There really is a Steak & Cake in existence. I helped fix their point of sale device one afternoon at work. They also serve more than just steak and cake. My mind was sufficiently blown.]