metal crowd
Lately, I’ve been chewing over the general claim that Christian’s don’t really like metal, we just use it as a means of propaganda for our beliefs. That it’s just an outreach tool; that we effect the standard metal uniforms only when trying to infiltrate the culture, and when we get back to the safety of our homes, we change back into our Mister Rogers-esque proper Christian clothes and get back to being proper Christian boys and girls. Or whatever.

Fair enough. In my almost thirty years of being a Christian and a metalhead, I’ve seen my fair share of so-called “metal ministries” that weren’t what you would call genuinely trve metal, that would only throw on the denim and leather when doing what they would consider ministry outreach. Those kind of posers you can smell from a mile away, if not more.

I get it. It’s easy to just type…

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