attack from spaceWalter Marley Enterprises Inc.

Back in the later part of the 1950s, there was a series of short films produced in Japan featuring a superhero names Super Giants. Note I said “a” – singular – superhero, that goes by the name “Super Giants” – plural. It’s one guy, who is also not so giant–he’s regular size. His origin story goes that he is a human-like being created from the strongest steel by the Peace Council of the Emerald Planet to destroy evil and restore peace in the universe. There were nine total short films in the series, all of which were purchased by Walter Marley Enterprises and Medallion Films for television distribution here in the United States.

Of course, here in the States, instead of showing them in their original cuts, we had to edit some of them together into movie-length features, renamed the main hero Starman, resulting in some completely bonkers sci-fi flicks. Attack From Space was one of those movies.

Featuring an edit of the 5th and 6th films in the original series, Attack From Space has our hero Super Gi…er, I mean Starman sent to Earth to protect us from the jerks from the Sapphire Galaxy, who want to conquer our universe. For what reason, I don’t know. Prime real estate? Closer proximity to Starbucks? Regardless, they want our world, and they begin by kidnapping Earth scientist Dr. Yamanaka and take him another satellite of EVIL! And it’s up to the goofy looking Starman and a couple of annoying Earth kids to save Dr. Yamanaka and the Earth from the Sapphireans’ Death Star! And no, that wasn’t a joke. They really have a “death star”.

Attack From Space is one of those mind-bendingly bad movies that you enjoy like one enjoys an old-timey Flash Gordon serial: by repressing your logic sensors and enjoying the weirdness in all its low-budget glory. Revel in the goofiest-looking superhero get-up you’ll ever lay your eyes upon. Marvel at the level of earnest cheese of the plot. Try not to have your head explode over the blatant abuse of logic. And remember to have all of your friends with copious amounts of adult beverages around when you watch this.