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“I love you.”
“And I love you.”
“Why can’t we marry?”
“Ator, we are brother and sister.”
“I’ll talk with our father.”

Ah, Ator. If there was any poor-man’s Conan the Barbarian that came out in the 1980s (and there were many to chose from), I have to go with Ator. Played by Miles O’Keeffe, he with the pecks of melons and knees of fringe. Of course, it was through MST3K and their send-up of the classic Cave Dwellers…which was originally titled Ator The Invincible, then Ator The Blade Master. Fantastic episode, you need to watch it if you haven’t. Point is, that the movie that eventually became known as Cave Dwellers is the sequel to the first Ator movie, titled Ator The Fighting Eagle.

Born with the mark of Thoren upon his infant flesh, he was destined to assert his might over the terrible powers of darkness: the High Priest Dakkar and the entire protectorate of the Spider. When they murder his loving parents and snatch Sunya, his beautiful bride, Ator is resolved to be avenged. Encouraged by the High Priest Griba, and assisted by the lithesome brigand woman Roon, he plans his great assault on the temple of all evil…”

Look, I’ll just go ahead and say it: Ator The Fighting Eagle is better than Cave Dwellers, simply by the sheer level of ridiculousness. And that, of course, is the surprise incest angle that everyone seems okay with. Sure, you could argue that they were never biologically related to begin with…but they didn’t know that before Ator talked with his father about marrying his sister. I kinda see why they retconned that out of the sequels, there. So now we’re watching our hero battle the evil minions of the Spider god to save his sister so he can marry her. Let that sink in.

Anyway, Ator The Fighting Eagle is as low-budget and bad as you can imagine. The effects are laughable, the props are quite obviously scrimped together by what they had laying around, the big giant spider is what you expected them to be, and yet again there’s a scene where Ator battles invisible warriors, a concept they reused in Cave Dwellers. The dialogue is as cheesy as it gets, and you just can’t help but laugh unintentionally at the sheer earnestness of this. Truly, Ator The Fighting Eagle must be seen be be beheld. A recommended So Bad It’s Good flick for you and your friends.