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“I think scars are sexy. I’m divorced, too. My husband said I was too aggressive, so I smacked him.”

Ah, 90s low-budget sci-fi. There’s a certain charm about them. Even the ones that were attempting to have a higher level of quality to them, like Species, or 1996’s The Arrival, juts couldn’t shake the thin film of cheese that stuck to them like bacterial plaque to your teeth.

One of the things I love about these kind of movies from that era was the overabundance of the use of the word “cyber” to describe anything futuristic and shiny. You have a movie set in the near future that features robots running amok? You’ve got yourself a cyber-apocalypse, there. A “cyberpocalypse”, if you will. You get the idea.

So, in 1994, we got the low-budget sci-fi martial arts action hybrid Cyber Tracker. It stars a professional kickboxer with the nickname of “The Dragon”, so we’ve got a clincher right here. There should be at least one person who is refered to as “The Dragon”, or some variation therein, in movies like these. But, I digress.

This is the future. The judiciary system has been replaced by a computerized system. Facts are filled in, the computer determines the verdict and the punishment is extracted by a Cor-Tracker, the newest breed of law enforcers. Cyborg executioners used for search and destroy missions. Eric is a secret agent currently working as the security guard for senator Dilly. The senator is the main advocate for a new kind of police officer: The Tracker, a perfect and nearly invulnerable android. When Eric realizes that senator Dilly is playing dirty games, he does not only have Dilly’s security chief Ross after him, but also those nearly undefeatable Trackers.

So, what we have with Cyber Tracker is a low-budget mash-up of The Terminator and RoboCop, with a lead that has maybe half the personality of a standard Jean Claude Van Dam, who I think would have been a much better pick for this movie, But, I’m thinking JCVD would have been too rich for their budget. This Don “The Dragon” Wilson does have more charisma than Steven Segal, I will give him that. Wish I could say the same about the rest of the cast, though.

The characters lack any sort of interesting development, the effects are shoestring, and the big Twilight Zone twist has been done before, only better. But, you have to admire the spunk and energy going into making this thing. Sure, it can get dull at certain stretches, and this thing just oozes cheese, but I wasn’t too annoyed by this movie, and actually kind of enjoyed it on a certain dumb level. It’s worth a look for anyone who likes to do Bad Movie Nite gatherings.