short circuit 2TriStar Pictures

“Hubcaps, corn dogs, soul.”

Short Circuit was a surprise summer hit in 1986. So, obviously, a sequel was inevitable. This time around, though, the two primary stars from the first one–namely, Steve Guttenberg and Ally Sheedy–are not in this sequel, and instead the movie has Guttenberg’s assistant from the first movie–you know, the white actor portraying the guy from India stereotype–as the main human star of the film. Of course, the response went as well as you could imagine.

As far as my experience with the movie, I didn’t watch this when it was originally out in theaters. I had no desire to, really. I figured I could wait, and either catch it as a video rental, or if I was at my grandparents and it played on Cinemax. I did end up watching it on cable–in 1990, on a hotel television while on vacation with the family.

Number Five, aka Johnny Five, that incredible, loveable robot from the smash hit Short Circuit, is back and taking the big city by storm in this action-packed comedy adventure. Upbeat Johnny’s out for some “urban input,” but some street hoods, a greedy banker and a gang of crooks see his naivetĂ© as their high-tech ticket to easy street. Will Johnny survive the big, bad city and its big, bad city slickers? Keep your wires crossed when you switch on this high-voltage film.

Short Circuit 2 is your basic fish-out-of-water comedy movie, one of those “country boy goes to the big city, wackiness ensues” type of things, only with the country boy part replaced with a sentient robot that hasn’t attempted to overthrow humanity for some odd reason.

Anyway, the movie itself is fine, though it might again cause some grumbling with the portrayal of an Indian character played by a white guy in this day and age; for me, the most memorable part of this movie was when Johnny 5 befriends the Los Locos gang. Their catchphrase will stick in your head long after the credits roll, here. The best way to watch Short Circuit 2 is by way of a double-header with the first movie, obviously.