mesa of lost womenHouse Productions, Inc.

“Sheriff! The body just got up and walked out of here!”

A race of deadly spider-women luring men to their death! A mad scientist, Dr. Aranya, has created giant spiders in his Mexican lab in Zarpa Mesa to create a race of superwomen by injecting spiders with human pituitary growth hormones. Women develop miraculous regenerative powers, but men mutate into disfigured dwarves. Spiders grow to human size and intelligence.

Mesa Of Lost Women is another B-grade sci-fi horror flick from the 1950s that, had it not been one of the movies riffed by the fine gentlemen at Rifftrax, would have gone unnoticed by yours truly. And after having watched Mesa Of Lost Women, I can’t really say my cheesy movie-watchin’ life was all that much enriched by doing so.

From what I could glean from the Interwebs, Mesa Of Lost Women started of being filmed as a standard mutant/mad scientist movie in the late 1940s, until the director/studio ran out of funds and abandoned it. Then, a few years later, a different director bought up the rights to the unfinished footage, filmed some new scenes altogether, then shoehonred the new scenes into the existing film to create a feature-length movie. Well, B-movie feature-length, anyway. The running time is only 70 minutes, after all.

Mind you, when done by a competent and talented director, splicing in new footage into an already existing movie can work. See, for instance, the American version of Godzilla, or Kung Pow: Enter The Fist. However, it’s very much apparent that the producers of Mesa Of Lost Women wasn’t concerned about seamlessly integrating old and new footage–or for that matter, adhering to some semblance of linear story–and more about pumping out a low-budget science fiction horror flick. Which is fine. It’s jsut that this makes Mesa Of Lost Women a convoluted mess.

Maybe I’m over-thinking what was meant to be a mindless horror B-movie. But darn it, if I’m going to waste an hour and ten minutes of my life, I should at least be entertained just a little bit. Not even the riffing from the guys at Rifftrax could keep this from being a boring slog. Pass.