van halen
VAN HALEN – Van Halen
van halen ii
VAN HALEN – Van Halen II
van halen - 1984
VAN HALEN – 1984
…as I mentioned back in the Vinyl Confessions bit that had David Lee Roth’s first solo EP, I was never that big of a Van Halen fan. I remember being introduced to them back in grade school, where a few of my classmates had the 1984 on cassette, and hearing the big hits from that one on the radio at the time (being “Jump”, “I’ll Wait”, and to a lesser extent, “Hot For Teacher”). Truth be told, if hard pressed to choose a side, I would say I fall squarely in the Van Hagar era as far as favorite iterations of the band goes; however, these three are no slouches, and let’s face it: while not that great of a singer, Roth is the perfect frontman for Van Halen.
alice cooper - flush the fashion
ALICE COOPER – Flush The Fashion
…so, the early 80s saw a lot of the classic rockers kind of adopt a more New Wave style to ride the trend that was emerging on the Top 40 Radio at the time. Alice Cooper went through that phase with a handful of albums in the early-to-mid 80s, starting with this one. While more a fan of his hard rock and metal output, I have to admit that there are some rather good songs on this album.