HALLOWEEN’ING 2017: Day 12 – 2017 Halloween Cereals

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halloween'ing 2017
Every year, I get mildly interested in what kind of Halloween-themed cereals that will be offered for the season. Yeah, I said “mildly interested.” Doesn’t seem like much of a sell in this ongoing yearly thing I do, but at least I keep an eye open whenever I go to one of the major supermarkets that displays them prominently in the aisle. Maybe I’m getting old(er), maybe my nostalgia glasses need a good spritzing of glass cleaner. But, I seem to recall the big cereal brands (General Mills, Ralston, Kellogg’s, and I’m sure there are others I’m missing) really going nuts during the Halloween season. I also recall a time when the Monster Cereals were a year-round thing, too. But, I digress.

This year, I’ve seen…not a whole lot. There are a lot of cereals that are coming in that “Pumpkin Spice” flavor, but I don’t include Pumpkin Spice for the Halloween’ing bits, because Pumpkin Spice is a general fall season thing, and not a Halloween item. Only the ones that are specifically Halloween-y are included here. And that limits things, it looks like.

First find of the season, very prominently displayed at one of the HyVees in Omaha (the one in the Peony Park area…memories) were this year’s aforementioned Monster Cereals. I haven’t been to one of the Super Targets yet, so I don’t know if there are any special variants or if they brought back Fruit Brute, but the Big Three are here and accounted for, with a basic artwork that works for the season, and most importantly doesn’t hop on some big presidential election in the presentation.

There was my personal favorite of the bunch, Count Chocula:
Followed by my close second favorite, Frankenberry:
And last and personally least, Boo Berry:
The next find I spotted at the Wal-Mart in Fremont, NE, while picking up provisions for my yearly weekend of seclusion at my relatives’ pond. They were the Kellogg’s brand cereals, and…there were only three prominitely desplayed:

Froot Loops…
Apple Jacks…
and Frosted Flakes.
I couldn’t find any of the other Kellogg’s brands getting in on the Halloween fun, and I was up and down the regular cereal aisle several times. For that matter, on the back of the Monster cereals, there was evidence some of the other General Mills cereals and brands were getting in on the fun…but I couldn’t find them anywhere. Maybe I didn’t look closely enough. Maybe I will have to come across them later in the month and post the findings later. I don’t know. But, these were the ones I found so far. Happily munching on some Frankenberry as I write this.



HALLOWEEN’ING Day 11: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow & Other Macabre Tales (Washington Irving)

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halloween'ing 2017
The name Washington Irving should be familiar to those of us Gothic literature enthusiasts. He was one of the first early American-born writers, with quite a few contributions to 19th Century ghost stories. You might remember a little story called The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow? Even if you’ve only seen the Disney animated short, the underrated Tim Burton movie, or even nods to it in various bits of media (my favorite being an episode of The Real Ghostbusters), the original story is a classic ghost story that goes hand-in-hand with Halloween.

This particular book that contains this and various other short stories by Washington Irving (including his other famous work, “Rip Van Winkle”) I ran across at Barnes & Noble, in the Discount Books section for cheep a couple of years ago. It includes the two stories mentioned, plus __ others: “The Spectre Bridegroom”, “Strange Stories by a Nervous Gentleman”, “The Devil and Tom Walker”, “Walter Webber, or Golden Dreams, “Guest from Gibbet Island”, “Legend of the Two Discreet Statues”, “The Grand Prior of Minorca”, “Don Juan: A Spectral Research”, “Legend of the Engulfed Convent”, and “The Enchanted Island”. I paid about $7.99 for it, not factoring in the tax, back then. I’ve seen it listed for less than that at the Barnes & Noble online site, though, as an ebook.

For some classic American Gothic ghost stories, this is one of the better collections.

The LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW & Other Tales of the Macabre


HALLOWEEN’ING Day 10: “Trick Or Treat” (Rackets & Drapes)

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halloween'ing 2017
rackets and drapes trick or treat
Rackets & Drapes was a shock rock band from Denver, Colorado, that released three full-length albums and an EP, all with songs that played on horror themes with deeper meanings than just the horror. Their music also goes great in any Halloween playlist. Mind you, I really wanted to share “Scary-Go-Round”, off of their 2000 release Trick Or Treat, but for whatever reason i couldn’t find it on You Tube for easy streaming for this post. Instead, I went with the title song from that album. Which, given this is a Halloween-themed post, yeah, I guess this one makes more sense.


HALLOWEEN’ING Day 9: Ash Vs. Evil Dead

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halloween'ing 2017
ash vs. evil dead banner

When it comes to Halloween, most of the time you get maybe a special Halloween-themed episode from the “normal” television shows. Once in a while, though, there comes a show where Halloween is pretty much every day, or at least every episode. And thus I introduce you to Ash Vs. Evil Dead.

This is an official continuation of the original Evil Dead movie trilogy, with an aged Ash once again having to deal with the Deadites, demons and general evil that the pesky Necronomicon keeps bringing up. This time, though, he has two sidekicks with him as they hit the road.

There have been two seasons, and a third one is on its way. I consider the first season better than the second, but even at its worst, Ash Vs. Evil Dead is good, quality horror comedy gold.



HALLOWEEN’ING Day 8: Haunted Haul

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halloween'ing 2017
The first in my seasonal Halloween accessorizing hauls wasn’t a big one, as it was more of a spur of the moment thing rather than planned out. Essentially, I was at the Walmart off of 168th and Maple in Omaha picking up my medication refill, when I decided to pick up a few things in their Halloween section. Only a handful of things, really, but pretty decent ones.

First, I got a small thing of orange-scented hand soap that features a Halloween scene of Jack-O-Lanterns. They’re orange, so hence the orange sent. Though, it would probably have made more scents (see what I did there?) to have it smell like pumpkin, but we’re all about to be assaulted by nothing but pumpkin spice this and pumpkin scented that, and who really wants pumpkin scented hand soap? Anyway, I picked this up for the other spirits in the Haunted Victorian to use in the washroom.

Next, I got this sheet of spider-riffic window clings, to put up on the glass partition over my cubicle at work. Look at ’em. All cute and adorable there. There are more on the back, but they’re pretty much the same things, only in different sizes. The really big one I decided to use as the decorative decal on the Silver Laptop. It looks nice. I’ve name her Despair. How do I know it’s a she? Because the female spiders are always bigger than the male spiders, silly.

There were a couple of choices for the hanging figures there, one a straight skeleton, and this Grim Reaper/Ghoul one that I decided to go with. Another thing to adorn my work space. Only, I leave everything up year round. This will be a permanent residence there. And I’ve name this one Melvin, in honor of the Grim Reaper from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. “They melvined me.” Classic.

And finally, this is the only time of the year I can really restock on black candles, without having to special order over the internet. Only, these two were the only ones left, the other taper candles being colored orange. It seems there are other weekend Goth types in the area. Or whatever. I’m going to have to scour the rest of the greater Omaha area, it seems.

So, this is a nice start to the seasonal accessory hauls. Can’t wait to see what else is out there. It’s such a wonderful time for the decor.


HALLOWEEN’ING Day 7: Nashville Nightmare

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halloween'ing 2017

nashville nightmare

Moving out of the state of Nebraska this year with our look at Haunted House attractions, this first one for the month is something that actually has ties to my neck of the woods: The Nashville Nightmare in Nasville, TN. I know of this one, because one of my brothers from a different mother, Scott, his daughter is involved with this attraction.

Taking a look at the official web site, this looks fantastic. Very professional-grade, a lot of work and detail being put in, and with four attractions, it saddens me that I don’t have the time or budget to make it out to Nashville this year to check it out. Check out the photos here, and if you live in that neck of the woods, give it a look-see.


HALLOWEEN’ING Day 6: IT (2017)

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halloween'ing 2017IT bannerYeah, yeah, I realize this is more of a resent thing, having been released just last month, but…really, for a movie that would encompass everything you would expect for the Halloween season, this It hits all the right notes: Creepy clown, monsters, haunted house, unsettling use of balloons…It has it. Not to mention kids going up against a supernatural enemy; this is basically an R rated Monster Squad. It’s still in the theatrical run, so now would be a good time to go and give this a watch.


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