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Once again, your Uncle NecRo blinked, and it’s been another year. It continues to amaze me at how fast these things are going. I’m told that time–the relative and fickle thing that it is–tends to go faster the slower you go. Which fits in with my getting older and slower in my ancient age of…well, 42. I guess that falls into “Middle Age” territory rather than “Old Geezer” territory. Tell that two my nephews. The five-year-old marveled at how I managed to live this long. But, I digress.

When compared to the massive hope-sucking void that was 2014, 2015 was a veritable tiptoe through the tulips. If said tulips were just fertilized with the most pugnant of fertilizer only minutes prior. And you were barefoot. And the center of these tulips had an eyeball that followed your progress through the patch. What did you expect? This is my brain that’s reviewing the prior year. This is the pleasant version, trust me.

Anyway, we started off the year that was 2015 with the hope that there would be fewer family deaths I’d have to attend. And, that was the case indeed. Though, it didn’t have the hopeful promise at first, as right off the bat the family lost our Aunt Jan to cancer in the first couple of weeks of January. And then, not too long after that, Grandma Krohn shook off this mortal coil after what one can only describe as a very full and interesting life. Both ladies were awesome and are very much missed. And then, I would be remiss not to mention that, merely a few weeks ago this month, my friend Scotland “Kuba” Kubinski lost his life in a motorcycle accident. This year hasn’t been without its moments of reflection on this, let me tell you.

A couple of weeks into the month of January, I moved fully into Omaha, a resident of a house that I refer to as the Haunted Victorian. The others, including the landlord, refer to it as The Vic, but I prefer Haunted Victorian, for it fits my sense of humor. It’s populated by five other gentlemen, all of whom I rarely see or interact with, due to our various schedules and waked-ness. If that’s even a word. Eh, I’m too lazy to look it up properly. Besides, it’s more fun to imagine the sounds from the unseen others to be the disembodied “ghosts” that “haunt” the Victorian we all dwell in. Or, could I be one of the ghosts as well? Ooooh, how my mind could snap while pondering the implications of this.

As with last year, this year was pretty much a steady stream of work-eat-sleep, with some respites scattered in hither and yon. NECRO SHOCK RADIO has been going whenever I’m able to get around to it, and/or whenever the WiFi allows to upload. Also, launched another podcast…more of a “Pubcast”, really, as it’s just recorded bits of the conversations we have at the Thursday Bar Nights with the usual cast of irregulars. This necessitated not only buying the Premium setting for Soundcloud, but also gave me an excuse to purchase the Yeti microphone. Fantastic piece of equipment. Highly recommended for all of you wanting a nice quality studio sound without breaking the bank.

I just need to say this: Series 9 of Doctor Who was perhaps the finest I’ve experienced since getting back into this British sci-fi show ten years prior. Peter Capaldi is just awesome. Let’s keep him around for a while longer, shall we? Also, glad Jenna’s gone, as I’ve found her presence to be more-or-less superfluous ever since the whole mystery surrounding her existence was solved. More-or-less. And in case you’re wondering, no I haven’t seen the Christmas Special as of this writing. I’ll get around to it, but right now I’m not too keen on seeing another River Song episode. Reasons, you might understand if you knew me and the nature of my previous relationship.

This year, I witnessed one of my cousin’s offspring graduate from High School, further solidifying my slip into old man status. Then I helped out once again with my Uncle Pat and Aunt Joyce at the annual pancake feed that their Volunteer Rescue puts on. And then I went to my first-ever Comic Con in Omaha (technically Council Bluffs) and had some fun there. That was my month of May, by the way.

October was a banner time for the year. Of course it was, as it’s the only time that I really look forward to, really. The season of Halloween. Fall, and the chance to once again not worry about letting my freak flag fly. Due to my youth group’s annual trip to the Fontenelle Corn Maze, I was given a chance to work the Haunted Corn Maze that year. And I did…for one night. I was going to do the night before Halloween and Halloween night as well, but then the Aluminum Falcon was lost in a freak road accident. I was without transportation until Halloween day, and by then I had already called the proprietor of the corn maze with the news that I would have to cancel my performance on the other two nights.

In case you’re wondering, my new mode of transport I have named the NEKRON 7. All caps. With the misspelling to make it seem more edgy. Much more sleek than what I was going to call it: NecRo Wagon. You’re welcome.

So, now that the dark, downward spiral of the Holiday season is almost over, and the New Year is almost upon us, I take some time to reflect on the past three-hundred and sixty-five-ish days. I’m probably not going to be doing the One-Book-A-Week thing this year, as I had hit that goal this year. Also, I want to focus more on finishing up all of the stuff I began writing over the years, waiting to be finished finally. Who knows…maybe this is the year I finally focus enough to catch up on everything, and be able to post whenever again. Or, more than likely, I’ll probably find myself going in with gusto, and then getting distracted by something shiny.

I’ll have more to say about my depression, as there are a bunch more rattling around my head. Though, this past year I was able to connect a bit more with others in my church group about things. I’m still keeping a reign in on sharing anything. I still don’t trust very much. We’ll see how this goes.

I am looking forward to seeing my nephew/Godson Christopher graduate from High School later this year. And I’ll probably make the trek out to Cozad to watch my cousin Allen’s son graduate as well. So far, these are the two family things that I know I’m going to be a part of. The NEKRON 7 is going to get a workout, for certain.

And thus, this has been my thoughts on the year that was 2015. I’m certain I’ve missed something. Bits and pieces here and there; if not recorded on this blog or my Facebook page in passing, then it’s been recorded in my unplugged journal, the UNCLE NECRO’S NOMICON (see what I did there?). Overall, it’s been a fairly decent one. Standard, with its usual crushing lows of depression, tempered with some moderate Level 5 despondency, through to a handful of good days. I have no idea what the future brings; all I know is, the Master has deemed it necessary for me to remain alive for now, and by the Grace of God alone go I.

I thank you all for continuing in my ongoing journey though this reality. If I’m still around to hammer out another bunch of words together into sentences–and those into paragraphs–talking about 2016, then I hope you’re there with me. Cheers, and God Bless my wonderful freaks.


HALLOWEEN’ING 2015: Day 4 – Rob Zombie

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HALLOWEEN'ING 2015rob zombieIf you asked me who I thought would be the living embodiment of Halloween, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you, “Alice Cooper.” But, if Alice Cooper had a sire to keep on the tradition of keepin’ Halloween alive, baby three-six-five, that would undoubtedly be Rob Zombie.

Born the oldest son of carnival parents and raised on a steady diet of horror flicks, Rob Zombie first unleashed  his whimsically twisted brand of shock rock via the band White Zombie, with their breakthrough studio album La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume One (there is no Volume Two) in 1992, and the epic Astrocreep 2000 in 1995. But, it wasn’t until he embarked on a solo career where his macabre side really came out, and his 1998 release Hellbilly Deluxe is one of my go-to albums to get into that Halloween spirit year round. And it’s not only his music: Zombie’s adventures in movie making and graphic art showcases his love of the genre, even when he’s directing a laundry detergent commercial.

If you asked me what my favorite Rob Zombie movies were, I would have to say that you can’t go wrong with watching House Of 1000 Corpses, followed immediately by The Devil’s Rejects, then directly into The Lords Of Salem for a mind-bending trio of terror. If you asked which are my favorite Rob Zombie songs, well…here they are:


HALLOWEEN’ING 2015: Day 2 – “Hilloween”

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HALLOWEEN'ING 2015Between the two animated prime time shows that Mike Judge produced in the 1990s, I preferred King Of The Hill over Beavis & Butthead. This was mainly due to the way that King Of The Hill was a comedy that didn’t try to be a comedy; it was very much a lot like Seinfeld, only set in Texas and animated. And without a laugh track. A show about nothing that was just darned funny without trying to be funny.

And one of my Top Five favorite King Of The Hill episodes is “Hilloween”. Originally aired on October 26, 1997 during the second season run, the story involves a local church-going member of the community zealously seeking to cancel Halloween all together, due to fears of the kids being initiated into worshiping the devil. Of course, Hank disagrees with this, looking at the holiday as merely harmless fun. Caught in the middle is is son Bobby, who just want to do the right thing, as everything culminates to a confrontation that’s both inspiring in its hilarity.

I wish that I could say that the character of Junie Harper and the lengths she jumps to try and eradicate Halloween was an exaggeration, but…yeah, I’m afraid she’s spot-on, from my own personal experiences, right down to blaming accidentally running over her cat to Satanists. The confrontation at the end is priceless: Junie dressed as an angel and Hank dressed as a devil, shooting back and forth with, “You’ll go to hell!” “There’ll be candy!” “Hell!” “Candy!”

“Hilloween” is a great Halloween-themed episode, one that if you haven’t seen it, you owe it to yourself to do so. I even included it for your watching pleasure. You’re welcome.


HALLOWEEN’ING 2015: Day 1 – This Is Halloween!

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It’s October 1st, which means it’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! No, not Christmas. Christmas is the Most Depressing Time of the Year. It’s HALLOWEEN, baby! It’s the time I am truly happy, with the fall and the cold and the spooky things coming out to play. Which also means, it’s that time once again to commence with the annual countdown to Halloween that I do. Welcome to:

HALLOWEEN'ING 2015The entire month where I post stuff pertaining to my favorite holiday of the year, and I’ve got a bunch of Halloween-themed wackiness lined up for this here bligity-blog of mine for your viewing displeasure. So, let’s kick off Day 1 by playing the official Holiday Opener, ironically taken from a Christmas movie:

Here’s to the next 30 days of Halloween Seasonal wackiness, my wonderful freaks.