Today I was in Omaha, to take care of some errands. Once in a while, this is unavoidable, where I have to leave the relative comfort and isolation of my crypt, and venture into the land of the living, and subject myself to the possibilities of having to socialize with other humans, outside of work. It was my day off, not my idea of how to spend it. But, today there were things that needed to be done that necessitated me to go to Omaha. One of which was picking up the ticket to go see the RiffTrax presentation of 1998’s Godzilla on Thursday.

So there I was, full of Chinese food from one of the nearby buffets, guiding the Aluminium Falcon through the pothole-infested parking lot of the AMC Oakview theater multi-plex, when I pass by a Toyota Prius with vanity plates that read BITCHIN.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never, ever considered the Toyota Prius to be a vehicle worthy of being called “bitchin'”. “Amusing”? Yes. “Pretentious”? Most definitely. But, “Bitchin'”? No, most definitely not.

Really, though, the only thing that went through my head as I pondered this sight I just saw, as I was guiding the Falcon into a parking space between two minivans with various bumperstickers, was “The only time I would have licence plates that said “BITCHIN” would be if I owned a Camaro.”

And that made me giggle a bit, because it’s kind of a reference to this:

And the only reason I know of this song is…well, because I am much more awesome than I let on, and I have a deeper understanding of actual alternative music than any of my rather pretentious alternative music snob friends in the 1990s assumed I had. That, and I first heard of this song by way of this guy I went to High School with, name of Tyson, who played this song one Saturday morning while a bunch of us were helping decorate the gym for the Spring Sweetheart dance. Back then, I had yet to really develop an appreciation for the more avant garde and offbeat side of music genres, but I did find it rather amusing.

There really was no point to this story. It just so happened that I had another one of those brain ricochet moments that stuck with me, so I decided to write about it to exorcise it from my soul. Or something like that. Cheers.