Movie Review: LORDS OF CHAOS

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lords of chaosGunpowder & Sky

Oslo, 1987. 17-year-old Euronymous is determined to escape his traditional upbringing and becomes fixated on creating ‘true Norwegian black metal’ with his band Mayhem. He mounts shocking publicity stunts to put the band’s name on the map, but the lines between show and reality start to blur. Arson, violence and a vicious murder shock the nation that is under siege by these Lords of Chaos.

Black Metal is such an interesting and entertaining genre. It’s an acquired taste, to be sure, and to get involved with the scene takes a special type to withstand the intensity levels it can get to. Me, I can never be considered Trve Kvlt due to the fact that A) I’m a professing Christian, and B) I have a sense of humor. Also, I do enjoy a good Scorpions song from time to time. If you get the reference, then you’ve already enjoyed this particular biopic about one of the more infamous scenes in metal, Lords Of Chaos.

Ostensibly, Lords Of Chaos is based on the book of the same name, which chronicles the rise of the Norwegian Black Metal scene in the 80s and early 90s, specifically focusing on the Black Metal Circle and the band Mayhem and its two key figures, Euronymous and Varg Vikernes, and they *ahem* mayhem they caused while trying to one-up each other. And that pretty much boils down the whole second-wave Black Metal scene: A bunch of rich Norwegian kids trying to outdo each other with their evil posturing and production of crappy evil sounding music, all the while whining about posers and taking things way too seriously.

Lords Of Chaos, the movie, focuses on this brief window in time, going through Euronymous forming the band Mayhem, the suicide of their first vocalist Dead, the opening of his record shop Helvete and the formation of the “Black Circle” with members of other local Black Metal bands, his rivalry with Varg, the arson of several churches, and finally wholesale murder, including Euronymous’ at the hands of Varg. All of which is narrated by Euronymous’ own inner monologue, American Beauty style.

First and foremost, let me get this out of the way: I realize that Lords Of Chaos isn’t 100% accurate to how things went down. But, the movie itself admits to this at the very beginning; if you’re familiar with the book, or just the whole Black Metal scene itself, no one can get their stories straight. What Lords Of Chaos is, is more of a Natural Born Killers style psychological horror movie with some very dark humor tinting things.

See, the thing about the Black Metal scene is, everyone is so serious that they don’t realize how hilarious it all is. And Lords Of Chaos manages to get that perfectly. It really does subtly take the air out of the over-bloated ego of the scene, while still maintaining a certain respect for the series of events that transpired. Mind you, there were some artistic licence used, especially in scenes where no one was really there to know what really went on, like with Dead’s suicide, or what was going on in Euronymous’s head.

Lending to the feel of this being more of a legend rather than a fact-filled docu-drama is the actors using American accents, with the only Norwegian accent I could detect were from the reporter who interviews Varg, and the guy who played Faust’s murder victim. It works, really. All of the actors worked well, especially Rory Culkin as Euronymous. Fantastic performance, methinks. Also, the style of shooting used reminded me of Edgar Wright, managing to capture the manic craziness of the era, there. That includes a lot of gore and unflinching violence, among other rather graphic content, that typified the scene. That may make some unaware soul queasy. You’ve been warned.

Overall, I rather enjoyed Lords Of Chaos. This was one movie I was looking forward to watching since hearing about it being produced a year or so ago. It didn’t make it to the theaters in my neck of the woods when it was finally released; by the time it did get a showing at the Alamo, the VOD was already released and I watched it that way. Still, I enjoyed the movie for what it is. Take this with a grain of salt, like I do with movies like Oliver Stone’s The Doors, or the recent Queen bio-flick Bohemian Rhapsody. Corpse paint is optional.


Vinyl Confessions, part 1

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NecRoSarX Chronicles Header
Record Player Old Retro Vinyl Records TurntableAbout a couple of years ago, I started collecting vinyl records again. I say “again”, because back when I started collecting albums, the only formats available were vinyl records and cassette tapes. Well, okay, the only affordable formats were records and cassettes. CDs were just beginning to come out, but being from a modest farming family, the Compact Disc format was a bit too pricy. But, again I digress. The point is, I’m not new to listening to this kind of format, and now that vinyl records have made a comeback, I can safely say that going back to buying and collecting them doesn’t make me a hipster wannabe.

Also, I want to point out that I really don’t hold to the pretentious notion that music sounds better on vinyl. For me, it’s more of a functional nostalgia thing, really. Obviously, the format isn’t exactly convenient; if I wanted the convenience along with the nostalgia factor in the analog music format, I would have started collecting cassette tapes again. Another old format that seems to be staging a comeback itself.

But again, I digress.

Recently, a friend of mine asked what I have in my vinyl record collection. I thought, rather than shoot off a list to her, this seemed ripe for a blog post. And thus, here we are, with the first of what may be many Vinyl Confessions posts on this bliggity-blog o’ mine. And yes, I lifted the title from the Kansas record. Brilliant bit of punning, that.

scaterd-few - sin disease
The first vinyl record I bought during this phase was the Burnt Toast Vinyl re-issue of the Scaterd-Few classic debut album Sin Disease. This album was something of an acquired taste for me, as the band never did conform to what was generally accepted and considered as “punk”, even when this was originally released. But, grow on me it did. This thing is gorgeous, with a gate-fold cover and extensive liner notes…

Side note: I also picked up one of those Cosley suitcase style portable record players that they’re manufacturing now, just to have something to play the record on. I do NOT recommend buying those things, as they’re cheap for a reason.

horde - hellig usvart
Of course, black metal should be experienced on vinyl whenever possible. This is a classic album that I’ve owned on CD as well as MP3 download, but now I have it on vinyl. Fun Fact: the package arrived with a second empty cover for the record, so I went ahead and framed the duplicate cover. It’s hanging on my wall at the Haunted Victorian…

mortification - break the curse
Originally a Light Force cassette demo when Steve Rowe took over and made the band more of a thrash-based death metal band before changing the name to Mortification. The copy I have is on silver colored vinyl, because it’s the 25th Anniversary of the release of this album. The Silver Anniversary. This has been a message from Captain Obvious. Moving on…

recon - behind enemy lines
To be completely forthright, Recon was never my all-time favorite band in the heavy melodic metal category, but it has its moments. This one came with a sticker of the album artwork. I still haven’t found the perfect spot to stick that sucker on, yet…

demon hunter - the triptyct
This is maybe my all-time favorite Demon Hunter album, and thus I nabbed this on the vinyl format. However, I specifically ordered the red vinyl, but got the mustard yellow vinyl. Regardless, this is a two-disc set, with the album on the three sides, and the fourth side with acoustic renditions of some of the songs on the album…

To Be Continued…



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