Music Review: AZBUK – Compilation For Eternity

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AZBUK - 2008 - Compilation For EternityAZBUK
Compilation For Eternity
Open Grave Records

For a brief moment in time, the criminally short-lived Open Grave / Sullen Records managed to release an array of choice \,,/METAL\,,/, both from the mainline and Christian sides of the underground scenes. For those of us with a taste for Black Metal, that meant easier access to bands like Azbuk, with the release of Compilation For Eternity in 2008.

As the title implies, this is a compilation of tracks gleaned from the three demos Azbuk released: 1997’s Divine Force (“Supplication”, “Majesty”, “The Loyal Witness”, and “Abyss Eternal”); 2001’s Nosferatus Darkness Earl (“Nosferatus Darkness Earl”, “Reflections Of A Damned Mirror”, “Fallen Angel”, and “Constitution”), and 2004’s Ancient Secrets Of The Bible (“Ancient Secrets Of The Bible”, “The Kingdom”, “Return”, and “Symphony Of Death”). It’s an interesting look into the evolution of this South American band, going from standard black metal on their first demo, and transitioning to a more progressive blackened sound, figuring in elements of death metal and doom in the mix on their other two demo releases. The production is raw, as I don’t think there was much as far as remixing or remastering when this compilation was put together. It preserves the original dynamic, methinks. As with other releases like this, Compilation For Eternity works as a good introduction to one of the more woefully overlooked black metal bands. The only criticism I would have being not just releasing a two-disc or so collection with the entirety of all three demos included. But, at least we have this one in existence.


Music Review: SKALD IN VEUM – 1260 Days

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skald in veum - 1260 daysSKALD IN VEUM
1260 Days
Rottweiler Records

For the most part, the first thing that pops to one’s mind when you say Black Metal would be Norway. That’s the traditionally thought-of birth place of one of the most extreme of the metal genres, naturally. But the spores of the genre inevitably took root in various other countries, and soon we saw Black Metal bands, as well as Black Metal-influenced bands, popping up in the most curious of places. Swedish Black Metal, however, seemed rather inevitable. And that’s my little way of seguing into talking about this release by Swedish Black Metal band Skald In Veum.

After forming in 2013, they released this EP–1260 Days–in 2015 through Rottweiler Records, both in the physical CD format and as a digital download. Whichever format you go with, 1260 Days is a fantastic just short of 30 minutes of harsh, unrelenting old-school Black Metal that’s well worth the money spent for this.

After your standard brief ambient intro featuring ravens cawing with a storm brewing in the background, the first proper cut from the release, “Drunk With Tainted Blood”, rips into your earholes, slaying your auditory senses with shredding riffs and face-melting blastbeats, intermixed with bone-chilling croak-shriek vocals that let up only briefly to hit you with some slow, thick and dark doom progression. For the entirety of the EP, all of the songs on here–including “Inferno”, “Eden Raped”, “Until My Head Rolls” and “Siaren”–maintains this style of Black Metal, with a strong early Dark Funeral vibe, with a bit of a Death Metal influence that shows up once in a while, especially with the lower register of the vocalist. Not that it’s a bad thing, mind; it adds a bit of texture to the scope of the music. The production is good, and the music is tight, lending itself to a very, very enjoyable listening experience from the get-go. Overall, I would say that 1260 Days was well worth your time checking out. Here’s hoping for more from the band in the future.

Music Review: CHRISTAGEDDON – Metal Unblack

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Metal Unblack
InChrist Records

Christageddon is the black metal side project of Kristian, the main guy behind The Synics Awakening, another great underground black/death metal project that needs to be talked about more, in my not-so-humble opinion.

When it comes to genre, it’s pretty self-evident from the get-go what you’re getting just by the title alone. No ambiguity here. Refreshing, really. The album starts off with a brief intro of ambient sirens and marching, with voice over narration, then leads into the face melting thrash-based black metal onslaught of “Defending The Throne Of YHWH”. There’s some great riffs and touches of melodic playing that keep the songs from bleeding together and creating a sonic sludge in total; while “Baptized In Sacred Blood”, “Full Armor Of God” and “Christageddon (Metal UnBlack)” have that full-tilt sandblasting quality to the metal, there are also cuts that have more of a mid-paced heavy quality that works well (“Carry My Cross”, “At The Throne Of Judgment”), with a couple having almost a doomy quality to things (“The Lamb Shall Rise”, “Psalm Of Eternal Hope”), as well as a straight-up instrumental (“Satanic Forces Burned To Ashes”).

There seems to be an edition of Metal UnBlack that includes covers of seven Horde songs after the album cuts. I did not purchase this version, as I was unaware of its existence, and I think that comes with the physical CD copy of the album, and my edition is an MP3 download I purchased off of Bandcamp. Either that or Amazon. One of the two. Probably Bandcamp. Can’t be bothered to double check at the moment. Sorry.

Anyway, overall, Metal UnBlack is a good, solid collection of traditional black metal in the vein of Horde, Ceremonial Sacred and Elgibbor that you should check out some time. The production is good, and the lyrics will make any unblack metal warrior raise their metal horns in salute. And now I want to try and find their covers of the Horde songs.

Music Review: ADMONISH – Den Yttersta Tiden

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Music Review ADMONISH - Den Yttersta TidenADMONISH
Den Yttersta Tiden

I’ve written about Swedish Black Metal band Admonish before, as I took the bass-ackwards route to reviewing their discography by writing a review of their second EP release Insnarjd back in 2014-ish. It’s taken me a while to get to reviewing their first EP release, Den Yttersta Tiden; there’s no rhyme or reason to that, just now getting around to it. Also, I should point out that, since that time, I’ve discovered that Admonish has its own Wikipedia page, which is downright fascinating with the history of the band and such. Anyway, on to the review, shall we?

Despite having formed in 1994 and being active since then, it wasn’t until 2005 when they released this three-song EP–Den Yttersta Tiden–following a show at Sweden’s Club 666. I cannot tell you how tickled I am upon discovering that. The music on the EP is of the old school Black Metal variety–furious riffs, blastbeats, chilling shriek vocals, tempered at times with some mid-paced interludes, atmospheric and somber undertones. There are some acoustic instruments and some regular singing mixed in–on the last track, “Var Inte Radd”, the regular singing and the black metal vocals do a kind of duet–giving a bit more texture to the standard Black Metal assault.

Overall, Den Yttersta Tiden is a good sample of Black Metal with some somber and atmospheric undertones. The production is good, and while not groundbreaking, it’s a good, albeit brief, listen.


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APRIL 8, 2017

Not even having a massive head cold will stop Uncle NecRo from dispensing the Brutal Music Therapy!

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APRIL 1, 2017

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NECRO SHOCK RADIO – February 25, 2017

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FEBRUARY 25, 2017*

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