Movie Review: GOING IN STYLE

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going in styleWarner Bros. Pictures

“What’s wrong with him?”
“He’s thinking.”
“It looks painful.”

Lifelong buddies Willie, Joe and Albert decide to buck retirement and step off the straight-and-narrow when their pension funds become a corporate casualty. Desperate to pay the bills and come through for their loved ones, the three men risk it all by embarking on a daring adventure to knock off the very bank that absconded with their money.

So, right about now, you’re probably wondering what I, a man that has a certain geek specialties and tastes in movies, am doing watching a movie like Going In Style, a comedy about three octogenarians planning on pulling a robbery on a bank? Oh, no reason…except for the fact that it stars Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin as the three feisty senior citizens. Do I need to say anything more? I do? Oh, all right, then. For the sake of padding up some writing space…

Yeah, back when I saw the theatrical trailer in the front of whatever movie it was that I was at the theater to watch, I thought that the premise was done, but since it stared three of the actors that are on my Watch Regardless Of What Movie They’re In list, I figured it was a matter of time before I actually watched Going In Style, but this would probably be one of those kind of movies I would wait until it was available for rental to get around watching. And wouldn’t you know it? Self-fulfilling prophecy. I did, in fact, watch it as a rental.

So, the story revolves around lifelong friends who are retired and run into some issues with their pension being suddenly revoked from the place they loyally worked at for 30 years of their lives. After finding himself at the bank during a well-planned robbery heist, they all plot to essentially do the same to offset the problem of their sudden lack of retirement income. So, enlisting the help of a pet store owner, they plan out to hit their bank. And things…don’t really go as planned. But, really, you were expecting otherwise?

Going In Style is formulaic, nothing new, and quite predictable…and I absolutely adored this. It’s not exactly Ocean’s Eleven, but then it didn’t pretend to be that. What this is, is a fun little heist movie that is probably going to be played on TBS every Saturday ad nausium for the whole family to enjoy. What can I say, but seeing the likes of Caine, Freeman and Arkin play off each other was great fun. And that’s what Going In Style is, a fun little weekend afternoon movie.



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attack of the killer tomatoesNAI Entertainment

“We have convince the little housewife out there that the tomato that ate the family pet is not dangerous!”


For years, I’ve been seeking out this particular no-budget ultra cheese fest that is Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes!. Ever since spying the old VHS cover at the local Applause Video store back in the 1980s, and repeatedly being denied a rental by the parents (despite the PG rating). Yeah, I had an interesting childhood, there. Anyway, that title stuck in my head for years, kept fresh–no pun intended–with spinoff sequels and a short-lived cartoon series. I even watched the first sequel, Return Of The Killer Tomatoes, a few years ago on Netflix. But it was the original ultra low-budget horror/sci-fi/comedy/musical from 1978 that was my holy grail, the one I wanted to watch, simply out of sheer morbid curiosity. Finally, it was recently that I was able to watch this elusive flick by way of Amazon streaming. So, I giddily settled down and prepared for the worst.

I have to admit, even I was barely prepared for what transpired. Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes! is a level of bad that will leave you wide-eyed and jaw-agape with trying to decipher what just happened.

The story involves a sudden uprising of attacks made by tomatoes. It’s right there in the title. As the American government tries to calm down a panicking citizenry, a team of specialists is put together to stop the tomato uprising. The plot thins as they try to infiltrate the tomato hordes, and uncover a conspiracy behind everything that’s happening. There’s also a news reporter hounding the crack team. Nothing seems to stop these tomatoes…nothing, except a certain hit pop song that is so terrible, even the sheet music will cause them to give up and die.

Watching this movie was almost a spiritual experience. Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes is a bad movie. And it knows that, and gives zero cares anyway. The acting is bad, the jokes are cringe-worthy, the songs even more so, and the editing and story will confuse you more often than not. When the end credits roll, you will be left with more questions than you came in with, along with a strange tingly sensation that is the signal that your brain gave up partway through and started playing Minecraft over in the corner while you inexplicably continued to watch it to the end. In short, Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes is so bad, everyone needs to watch it. Behold, the epitome of so-bad-its-good cinema. Throw it on some night with friends, along with various tomato-themed items for the full effect. You’re welcome.

Uncle NecRo Watches: HAPPY DEATH DAY

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happy death day
Episode 2 of Uncle NecRo Watches, and this time he’s joined by Brian from the Will Code For Beer pubcast with watching the horror slasher comedy Happy Death Day. Is it what they expected? Well, yeah…but that’s not necessarily a good thing, mind…


HALLOWEEN’ING Day 21: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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halloween'ing 2017
rocky horror picture show
This movie. This movie, right here. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of those rite of passage movies that you are required to watch, at least once, late at night, preferably with friends who have seen it hundreds of times and will not only sing along to the music, but will flawlessly act out the scenes in front of you.

The plot of the movie…isn’t that important. Yeah, it’s about a clean-cut couple who are stranded one night in a castle inhabited by a sweet transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania and his minions, and the musical wackiness that does ensue. But trust me, if you try and think about things, it’s just going to lead to a world of hurt. It’s best to just let the movie happen, and then try to sort things out after.



HALLOWEEN’ING Day 20: Hotel Transylvania

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halloween'ing 2017
hotel transylvania banner
There’s been a lot of animated stuff I’ve been posting this year for the Halloween’ing months. Maybe I’m reverting back to my childhood, maybe I’m just a connoisseur of the art of animated story telling. I don’t know. I’ll get back to you about that.

I skipped watching Hotel Transylvania when it first hit the theaters, mainly because of Adam Sandler voicing the main character, who happened to be Dracula. Same reason I gave a pass to the sequel a couple of years later. But, recently, I recanted my personal ban on Adam Sandler movies, and gave Hotel Transylvania a watch.

If you’re looking for something that’s not that scary, and decent enough for the entire family to sit together and enjoy and get into that Halloween Spirit, Hotel Transylvania would be a good choice to go with. Here, Dracula is a good-hearted vampire that just wants to protect his daughter from the angry humans that hate him and other monsters unfairly. And so he builds a hotel as a safe haven for all those creatures that go bump in the night. But when a backpacking human shows up at the hotel and (gulp) falls in love with Dracula’s daughter, the wackiness does ensue.

So, yeah, Hotel Transylvania is decent, kind of like a mix of The Munsters and Monsters Inc. in tone. Worth a watch some night during this Halloween season, along with the sequel.

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HALLOWEEN’ING Day 14: Welcome To Night Vale

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halloween'ing 2017WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE
One of the Exalted Geeks introduced me to the twice-monthly podcast Welcome To Night Vale a couple of years ago. This was a fantastic find, as this half-hour long podcast manages to blend together both my love of horror and my twisted and dark sense of humor.

Presented as an NPR-style radio show broadcast in an unknown part of the American Southwest in the town of Night Vale. It’s pretty evident that this town isn’t quite normal, as Lovecraftian weirdness is reported on by one of the more pleasant sounding hosts you will ever come across.



HALLOWEEN’ING Day 9: Ash Vs. Evil Dead

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halloween'ing 2017
ash vs. evil dead banner

When it comes to Halloween, most of the time you get maybe a special Halloween-themed episode from the “normal” television shows. Once in a while, though, there comes a show where Halloween is pretty much every day, or at least every episode. And thus I introduce you to Ash Vs. Evil Dead.

This is an official continuation of the original Evil Dead movie trilogy, with an aged Ash once again having to deal with the Deadites, demons and general evil that the pesky Necronomicon keeps bringing up. This time, though, he has two sidekicks with him as they hit the road.

There have been two seasons, and a third one is on its way. I consider the first season better than the second, but even at its worst, Ash Vs. Evil Dead is good, quality horror comedy gold.



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