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1-25 - Movie Review: MULBERRY STREETLions Gate Films / After Dark Films

The city that never sleeps may shut its eyes for good when a deadly infection turns its residents to savage creatures. There is only hope for a small few, including six recently evicted tenants who must protect their crumbling apartment complex as the city around them is thrown into chaos…

Mullberry Street is one of the entries in the second round of After Dark Horrorfest movies, and one of the After Dark DVD showings that I’m slowly but surly slogging through. This one, I’ll be forthright, was not one I was really in a big hurry to watch, as the premise I read on the DVD cover blurb seemed to put it as another one of those Outbreak of Crazies type of horror films, where the budget is low and the crazies are mistaken for zombies. Basically, 28 Days Later in New York. Or something.

Instead, though, I found myself rather surprised. Not by much, but at least the movie proved me wrong with my pre-watching assumption of the plot. I like when that happens. And I have to admit, the twist on this is rather interesting.

In Mulberry Street, we’re introduced to the inhabitants of an apartment complex located on the titular street in New York city. The tenants are fighting to keep from being evicted by the city, which is not really part of the plot but it’s worth mentioning, just to get an idea of how bonded this eclectic mix of tenants are. One of said tenants is an ex boxer who is anxiously awaiting the return of his daughter from active service in the military. She’s on her way there when a infectious outbreak happens, causing everyone infected to turn into blood-thirsty monstrosities. And by “blood-thirsty monstrosities”, I mean “they turn into wererats.” And while that’s usually signals the possibility of unintentional hilarity, somehow actually made it seriously work as a horror device. This mostly had to do with the fact that the filmmakers wisely kept the wererats out of sight for the majority of the time when the outbreak attacks happen, only allowing brief flashes and shadows, forcing the viewers to use our imaginations. I wish I could say that the actual wererat effects themselves were just as effective, but let’s face it–they did come of as kitschy. Which is why I’m glad they didn’t feature very much until the last part.

The majority of the story is set in the apartment complex and the adjacent bar, which lends to a nice claustrophobic atmosphere, which adds to the overall effectiveness. And the characters themselves seemed genuine and didn’t bog us down with needless exposition to their back stories.

Overall, I was rather pleasantly surprised with how much I actually enjoyed watching Mulberry Street. With the non-assuming title, the low budget rawness and the creative usage of the less-is-more philosophy of horor movie filming, along with some very good performances from the cast, Mulberry Streets turned out to be one of the better offerings in the After Dark movie series. Worth checking out some time.

Movie Review: BREEDERS (Deadly Instincts)

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breedersScreen Media Ventures

It’s an invasion of the most personal and terrifying kind.  When a meteorite crash lands onto a Boston college campus and an alien beast is released, only one man understands its mission to mate.  From the depth of an all-girls college, the grotesque monster stalks his prey in a cat-and-mouse chase until the final conflict where only one species can survive.

There’s not a lot of information on the movie Breeders that I can glean from the internets, beyond a rather anemic IMDB page.  Usually, that’s not a very good sign.  Usually, that means that it hadn’t been very widely seen or even heard about.  Couple this with the fact that there’s an alternate title Breeders has been released under – Deadly Instincts – and the red flag for bad movies intensifies.

Add to this, the copy I have came with a four-disc 20 Horror Movie pack I got for $5 at Wal-Mart – under the title Deadly Instincts I might add – and we’ve hit the trifecta of Bad Movie warnings.  So, is Breeders, a.k.a. Deadly Instincts, a bad movie?

Yes.  Yes, it is.

From the opening deep space effects that looks like they came from a PBS science documentary and possibly a prune as a stand-in for a meteor, I knew I was in for something cheesy.  And the movie didn’t disappoint.

First off, though the setting is listed as “Boston”, Breeders is clearly filmed in Great Britain, the biggest giveaway being the entire cast that can’t hold onto an American accent no matter how hard they tried.  The acting is the better part of horrible, but it’s not like they have much to work with in the script to begin with.  The story is confusing at time, mainly because the characters themselves do things that normal, rational human beings tend to NOT do or say.  Like, for instance, the alien-human hybrid lady (I guess) is wandering around at night, dressed in a tight black vinyl outfit with half of her face kind of mutated, and one of the local guys (sporting a blatant product placement cap) says, “Hey, you look like one of those college girls!”  Yeah.  Because when I see someone looking scared, confused and dressed up in the most not-comfortable ensemble going, THAT’S what I would say.  But, I digress.

From the confusing story, to the lousy acting, to the equally lousy effects culminating in the cheesiest rubber-guy-in-a-suit alien I’ve seen…Breeders is one big lump of stinky cheese.  I tried to enjoy this thing on a so-bad-it’s-good level, but without my usual gang of bad movie shredding compatriots, I just kept looking at the time to see if this was getting even close to ending.  Do not proceed with this movie unless you’re completely prepared.