van helsing's curse Once upon a time, Twisted Sister vocalist (and President of the Tipper Gore Fan Club) Dee Snider witnessed a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert, and decided he wanted to do something similar, but with a Halloween theme. And thus, Van Helsing’s Curse was born.

Utilizing a delicious mix of heavy metal, a six-piece string section and a choir, their so far only release–Oculus Infernum–is a powerfully haunting piece that features Dee Snider narrating a tale of a young child who is orphaned after an evil entity murders all of the adults in his town, and teams up with a descendant of the legendary Van Helsing to take on this creature, set to a backdrop of symphonic metal the likes of which you will hear nowhere else. This does get massive plays this time of year, but I like to break it out during the off season as well.

Look, if you like Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s style, but are sick of the whole Christmas themes, it would behove you to look into Van Helsing’s Curse. Yeah, I just said “behove”.