Good Friday Brain Droppings, 2020 Edition

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If Jesus’ demise is construed merely as a death — even as a painful, tortured death — the crucial point will be lost. Crucifixion was specifically designed to be the ultimate insult to personal dignity, the last word in humiliating and dehumanizing treatment. Degradation was the whole point.

Crucifixion as a means of execution in the Roman Empire had as its express purpose the elimination of victims from consideration as members of the human race. It cannot be said too strongly: that was its function. It was meant to indicate to all who might be toying with subversive ideas that crucified persons were not of the same species as either the executioners or the spectators and were therefore not only expendable but also deserving of ritualized extermination. Therefore, the mocking and jeering that accompanied crucifixion were not only allowed, they were part of the spectacle and were programmed into it. In a sense, crucifixion was a form of entertainment. Everyone understood that the specific role of the passersby was to exacerbate the dehumanization and degradation of the person who had been thus designated to be a spectacle. Crucifixion was cleverly designed — we might say diabolically designed — to be an almost theatrical enactment of the sadistic and inhumane impulses that lie within human beings. According to the Christian gospel, the Son of God voluntarily and purposefully absorbed all of that, drawing it into himself.


Obligatory Pious-Sounding Lent Post, 2020 Edition

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crown of thorns

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. The beginning of what we devout types refer to as Lent, the six week period leading up to Easter. Basically, a time of fasting and abstinence from something that’s considered important to them. Sometimes it’s something obvious, like chocolate, or television, or even avoiding the internet somehow. Nowadays, swearing off the internet for 40 days is equal to, if not worse than, swearing off sex for a perpetual horn-dog. I wouldn’t know anything about that later part.

“What are you giving up for Lent?” That’s a question that I’ve come across with less frequency than back when I was in primary and high school. But it does pop up every year. I’ve never really participated in the abstinence part of Lent growing up, despite growing up in a Methodist-based family. Later, after I began my ongoing post-Evangelical wilderness wanderings, my answer would be, “I gave up Lent for Lent.” Ha ha, funny. Pause for laughter. Such wit.

Personally, this year I believe it would be beneficial for me to instead use the time to study the Scriptures, expand my knowledge through books and studies, instead of “giving something up.” I’m doing this all the time; I just want to focus more on this during the Lenten period, rather than distract myself with other pursuits. That’s not to say that I won’t take the time to take in a movie or actually do something to enjoy life. I’m not pious, you know.

For others, to give up something during this time of reflection on the ministry of Jesus, His road leading up to the cross, His death and resurrection, would be beneficial. For me, what I detailed is what I’m going to be focusing on mainly during the next 39 days. Everything I’ve already scheduled to be posted won’t be changed–I’d hate to disrupt the ongoing 366 Days Of Metal thing–but I’ll definitely get back to things after Easter Sunday. Cheers, all, and don’t overdo it on the Cadbury Eggs…



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grave of the black sheep
So, here we are. Another Lent season, ending with Easter Sunday, has come and gone. For many, this was a holy time of reflection on their faith and what it means to them. For me…I have to be straightforward with everyone: I don’t really consider the holidays on the Christian calendar to be all that important.

Okay, okay, let me rephrase that: I don’t really consider the Big Two Christian holidays–those being Christmas and Easter–as special as any other day of the year.

Yeah, there’s just no way I can phrase this without sounding like some kind of curmudgeon. I assure you I’m not trying to rain on the celebrations of anyone observing the resurrection of Jesus from the grave. Jesus’ victory over sin and death is at the very crux of my faith (pun very much intended).

As I approach my third decade as being a servant of Christ Jesus (as I told the youth group last week, I became a Christian at the age of 15, and it’ll be nearly 30 years in August; do the math), I find myself less and less enamored of any perceived “holy days” and holidays as I once was.

The reason for this, first off, has nothing to do with being sick and tired of having to put up with so many Actual Lee* types who want to nit-pick how un-Christian Easter really is and sucking the fun out of everything for everyone (although I’d be lying if I said they didn’t annoy me); nor does it have anything to do with slowly losing my faith over time.

The truth is, I find that the longer I walk down this path that Father God, Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit has me on, the less I feel the need to celebrate Easter**. At least, not as all-out as many of my fellow brethren and sisteren do.

Here’s how I see it: Remembering the sacrificial death and consequent resurrection of the Son of God is very important. But, I think, equally important is to remember that we’ve all been living in the Eastertide, the period after His resurrection and ascension. The work is finished. We should be celebrating this every day out of the year.

Shouts of “He is Risen!” Well, He’s always been risen. Do we need reminding? Probably. We are a people that easily forgets what God has done for us. We go about the rest of the year seemingly stuck in the Saturday before Easter, like He’s still dead and our hope means nothing. An empty passion play.


[*= “Actual Lee”: a type of person who always wants to correct anyone about anything, interjecting their superior knowledge on any topic of discussion, often unsolicited, usually starting with the word “Actually” (“Actually, the Easter celebration has its roots in the pagan celebration of the spring equinox, and was absorbed by the Christian church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.”) SOURCE]

[**=yes, I understand that some prefer calling it “Resurrection Day” due to not wanting to associate with the pagan roots of Easter. That’s fine, I have no qualms with that. I call it “Easter” myself, and that’s why I use it in this post.]


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celtic crossGreetings and salutations, my wonderful freaks. I’m dropping a bit of an update here to mention that, in observance of Lent this year, I’m going to not be posting the usual movie / book reviews until after Easter. Instead, I’m probably going to be focusing more on some much-needed study of the Scriptures and maybe posting my thoughts and brain droppings on my faith, the liturgical season itself, and other things pertaining to it.

Mind you, I’m not going all Me So Holy on you all. I am still going to be scheduling the movie and book reviews (the music reviews and band interviews have been moved to the NECRO SHOCK RADIO blog, in case you were wondering), they’ll just be posting after Easter this year, or April 22 for those of you non-observant readers of this blog. There will still be the scheduled Session postings on NECRO SHOCK RADIO, and there are still the movies scheduled with the other members of the Exalted Geeks during this time, where we’ll record the pubcasts and posting on the Will Code For Beer blog.

But, for now, aside from the one last movie review for today, and this particular news update here, there’s nothing specific scheduled for posting for the next 40 days leading up to Easter. In case anyone shows up between then and wonder if I just dropped off the face of the earth…well, it’s not for the usual reason, like so many times before. Until then, I wish you all a blessed Lent season if you observe, and for those who don’t adhere to the Christian faith, enjoy the next couple of months. I remain, as always, your humble servant Uncle NecRo.



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I almost didn’t post one this year. Not out of forgetfulness, mind you. I had been, as I normally do, chewing over what the brain droppings would be for this year’s post. And I almost decided to not post anything.

Mostly because of certain individuals that feel the need to ruin things for everyone.

They’ve been doing this for quite a bit. I just seem to have been a bit more hyper aware of it all this year, for whatever reason. I speak of these fellow Christians of mine who feel the need to point out that we are all wrong about Good Friday and Easter. Every year, they whip out their memes and their charts, trying to prove that our timing for the days of our observations of Jesus’ respective death and resurrection are WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG, and we’re all idiots for doing so. Somehow, this is supposed to prove their ultimate spiritual superiority, or something like that.

Look, like Christmas, I don’t really care about what day it is that we, as Christians, observe and remember what Christ Jesus layed down for to ransom our ungrateful selves. Truth is, yes, He is risen…but we’ve all been living in the post-resurrection world. And if you want to get down to it, the only thing that Jesus expressly commanded us to do to remember His sacrifice was to participate regularly in what we call the Communion.

What I’m trying to say is, I don’t think that observance of Easter or not really negates my salvation, through my trust and faith in Christ Jesus. Let alone doing so on the actual day or not. We should all be living like it’s after He has risen, as new creatures through faith in Him.

The point is, He died, He rose, He conquered sin and death. And that’s why we gather together as one body, to remember that.

But, if that makes me an idiot, then fine. I’m an idiot. I have better things to worry about.

He is risen. He has risen indeed. Cheers, all.


Untitled Easter Thingie…

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untitled easter thingie“Why are you looking among the dead for someone who is alive? He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead!”

You cannot have the death of Jesus without the resurrection of Jesus. Both are not mutually exclusive. With Jesus’ death, we have the full atonement for our sins. With His resurrection, He demonstrates His power over sin and death. Jesus is truly the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

I worship You, my Lord and Savior. Thank You for making straight the way to once again know and love our Creator of all things. Words cannot express my joy and love to You. And thank You for waking me up for the early morning Easter service…

The service begins…


Obligatory Easter Post

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storm trooper bunny with death star egg…well, here it is.  Easter Sunday.  They seem to be coming in a much quicker rate than I remember as a kid.  It was one of the Big Three, along with Halloween and Christmas, as far as the Holidays That Feature Lots Of Candy And Gifts go.  As I recall, as a child I always viewed Easter as maybe Christmas’ slightly younger sister (if you could assign holidays a gender and all); there was the gift-giving, the eating with family, the Mysterious Entity that no one really saw but left stuff for you, and of course the obligatory Morning Church Service.  Only, unlike the older brother Christmas, Easter was during a normally mild spring, with the grass just budding and the birds chirping, and the colors a happy pastel to reflect this new season of life just emerging after the harsh, cold winter that Christmas dwells in.

Of course, as a child, I never really got that deep into that; I was much more interested at what kind of sugar-infused goodness dwelled in my basket Easter morning.  And how much of that stuff I could cram into myself before getting dressed and heading out to church.

Ah, memories.  Now, as a much older man, Easter – like Christmas – has become more of a holiday to contemplate and reflect about Jesus’ purpose for coming here, becoming one with His creation, to walk with us and experience life as we do, and then offer Himself up as the perfect atoning sacrifice to blot out all of our sins and make us righteous before GOD, restoring our relationship with Him.  He is risen, indeed.  And also, I try to watch as much Star Trek as I possibly can.  It has nothing to do with Easter, really; I’m a geek.  That is all.

Anyway, as I finish up this special little morning brain dropping, one of my special ramblings, I wish you all a Happy Easter.  Even if you don’t observe the proper Christian holiday, or even the commercialized secular counterpart.  In which case…enjoy your Sunday.  Cheers.