WCFB – You Don’t Call Chicks Broads

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“You Don’t Call Chicks Broads”
Recorded 6/21/2018

James Classic is back after an extended break to take care of a pain in the butt, and since he’s the only one with the recording equipment we just now get a new episode of Will Code For Beer! Come Join Art, Brian, Andrea, Sarah and Everett as we discuss, among other things, parenthood, wedding anniversaries, the Kansas City Maker’s Fair, and various other pop culture nerd rage topics…


Night Of The Doctor

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Saturday afternoon, I got to see the Doctor Who short “The Night Of The Doctor”.  It was at the monthly meeting of the Doctor Who fan club I am part of, up there on the big projector screen, oozing with awesomeness.  I thought I would take a bit of time here, on my personal blog, to gush and geek out all over the place.  Should warn you, though, if you are a Doctor Who fan and haven’t seen “The Night Of The Doctor” (and why haven’t you?), go forth and do so now.  Need a link?  HERE’S ONE.  It’ll only take about seven minutes, I can wait.

Done?  Well, I’m going to assume you’re done watching it. Be ye warned, there be spoilers ahead.  Yar.

First off, EIGHTH DOCTOR GOODNESS!  Yes!  Finally, after seventeen-some-odd years of only appearing in the Doctor Who television movie, we finally get some closure on the incarnation of the Doctor who got the short-shaft in the long run.  Sure, there were quite a few novels and audio dramas featuring Eight, but here we see Paul McGann back – and looking quite ruggedly handsome I might add – slipping back into the Doctor persona like he never went away in the first place.

Which takes me to this: we see him regenerate finally.  After eight years and only one allusion to a regeneration from Eight to Nine on the very first episode of the revamped series, the mystery surrounding how it came about is finally witnessed.  Yes, we got an idea that it had something to do with the mysterious Time War that was constantly mentioned but never expounded on in the new series, but now we no longer have to rely on fan theories and speculation.  Sure, some of the theories and speculation were…amusing.  But now we have something to call back to.

And the last thing I’m going to mention here, lest I write an entire novel myself on the subject:  CONTINUITY TIE IN!  And not just in the Lets Stick In Classic Characters Arbitrarily With No Logic kinda way the Star Wars prequels did.  Here, we finally get a good, albeit brief, story that ties in the old series with the new (and it’s starting to sound weird call it “new” now, come to think of it).  Aside from the Eighth Doctor, who is the last of the “classic Who” Doctors, we also get a call-back to the Fourth Doctor serial “The Brain Of Morbius” with the Sisterhood of Karn and their elixir (also a good story from Classic Who, you should check it out if you haven’t already), as well as the Doctor name-checking his past companions from the audio dramas (thereby making them series canon, methinks).

Overall, “The Night Of The Doctor” did well to really whet my appetite for the 50th Anniversary special in less than a week of this writing.  Not that I needed any kind of appetizer, mind you.  But the way this short was executed – the detail, the story, and the fact that everyone managed to not let ANYTHING leak out about it until it was released online (an amazing feat in this day and age; bravo)…yeah, just thinking about it makes me all giddy with anticipation.  Well done, sirs…well done…

…and until next Saturday, Alons-y, Geronimo, and all that…