YEAR OF METAL titlegirlschool logoWhen one thinks of all-girl bands from the 1970s, chances are the first name to spring to mind is The Runaways. And I wouldn’t blame you, seeing as they’ve been receiving a bit of nostalgia revival the past few years (having a song on the Guardians Of The Galaxy soundtrack didn’t hurt, I’m sure). But, when it comes to all-lady helmed METAL bands that could hold their own with the likes of Motorhead, you would be hard pressed to find anybody that would top Girlschool.

Brash, brazen, and definitely the opposite of pink and frilly, I wasn’t kidding about the whole “hold their own with the likes of Motorhead” thing, as they released not just one, but three split vinyls with them back in the early 1980s. That’s what puts them on the list, here.

“Demolition Boys”

“C’mon Let’s Go”

“Screaming Blue Murder”