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APRIL 1, 2017

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NECRO SHOCK RADIO -February 18, 2017

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February 18, 2017

Featuring Cuts From:

Music Review: THY WILL BE DONE – Was And Is To Come

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1-20 - Music Review: THY WILL BE DONE - Was And Is To Come

Was And Is To Come
Stillborn Records / Caroline Records

Thy Will Be Done is a Providence, Rhode Island band that plays a type of metal that is just bloody infectious. It’s a kind of death metal with a groove to it, that flirts with the whole “deathcore” genre, but manages to not fall within that particular rut.

Was And Is To Come, their first full length release, is one of the heaviest and infectious slabs of modern death metal I’ve heard recently. Yeah, I admit to having been a bit late in the game, considering my limitations back in 2007, when this came out. But now, having finally gotten around to discovering this gem, I have to say that listening to this gives me the warm tingles that signify having a very, very good \,,/METAL\,,/ experience.

No, this isn’t pure, old school death metal. This has a heavy groove to it, like with Pantera or Lamb Of God, and there are some deathcore influences, like with In Flames and At The Gates, but the execution of which brings forth something that’s a bit more unquantifiable, like with DevilDriver’s style of modern death metal. Whatever label you want to slap onto this, all I know is I really, really like this, and I repent of only buying the one album. Time to go rectify this.

Music Review: STEP COUSIN – Experiments In Sound

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step cousin - experiments in sound
Experiments In Sound

Step Cousin is (was?) the side project of another metal band called Lordchain, a Missouri based band. Whereas Lordchain was more general metal, Step Cousin’s CD is a feast of classic thrashy, heavy stuff I haven’t heard since, well, let’s just say a long time. ‘Experiments In Sound’ is like mashing together Mortification’s ‘Break The Curse 1990’, Vengeance Rising’s ‘Human Sacrifice’, and Deliverance’s self-titled. Viola. Metal heavy on the thrash, with an equal dose of death vocals and melodic vocals. And here’s something that went out with the recent trend of anti-guitar heroes in metal bands- guitar leads! Oh, am I thankful these are starting to make a comeback! . This CD is a refreshing listen outside the recent glut of “metalcore” and nu metal flavors of the month. The lyrics seem to be directed to critics and nonbelievers, with a strong evangelical bent that doesn’t paint with broad strokes. The low point of the CD is the fact that it’s only half an hour long. Co’Mon! The highlight of the disc is the band’s stellar cover of Vengeance Rising’s “Can’t Get Out”. They don’t write ’em like that any more. Pity. Good thing this CD exists to keep the hope for good metal alive.

Music Review: SUB-TRAIN – Demo

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no pic available


These guys used to be known as the Jesus Freaks (the band, not that album by, uh, that other band). Actually, this is the third version of the band; previously they were known also as Blind Eye Open, before the Morphine label went under. Now they have a new singer, and quite the slammin’ new sound for those who hunger for quality Christian metal.

This three-song demo is very, very heavy. Think of it as a audio one-two-three punch. The first song, “Brain Cell”, immediately sticks it to you, starting off with some heavy death-like growls, then the vocalist switches to more of a scream like that of Pantera. The other two songs are just as heavy, especially “Bone”. Lyrically, Sub-Train sings (screams?) about seeking Christ’s holiness in a very, very unholy world. The lyrics are very deep, and yes, they do include Scripture references with the lyric sheet.

Sure, this is short. Maybe too short. But, it gets multiple spins in my disc player. This is definitely for those who like their music heavy, heavy, heavy. . .

NECRO SHOCK RADIO – Series 3, Session 1

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The rumors are true…the chill that just coursed down your spine is not just that thing breathing down your back…thought to be dead and gone, put to rest, but the voices decided otherwise!

necro shock radio logo 1


[WARNING: Due to a bit of vulgarity in the introductions, I must give my first EXPLICIT CONTENT warning – Uncle NecRo]

Featuring cuts from the likes of:
A Hill To Die Upon, Crimson Moonlight, David Benson, Deliverance, Demon Hunter, Deuteronomium, Evergrace, Grave Robber, Immortal Souls, P. K. Mitchell, One Bad Apple, Soul Embraced, The Synics Awakening, and Ultimatum…


Music Review: OIL – Oil

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oil - oil ep

A five-song demo of heavy groove metal from a band that sports the former lead singer of Dark Angel. The music is good, nothing really earth shaking, but doable as heavy music. The lyrics are straight-forward Christian. For fans of older Prong, Eternal Decision and Goliath…

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