kuba 1Yesterday at work, I learned that the world lost a great man. Through my Facebook feed, I discovered that my friend Scotland Kubinski–a.k.a. “Kuba the Demon Slayer”–passed away after a tragic accident. He was taken from us far too soon.

Last Saturday, December 5th, he was in a motorcycle accident on I-675 coming home from a toy run. He was taken to the hospital, but passed away the morning of December 11th. I read about it during my lunch break. I’m still reeling from the news, and trying to wrap my brain around this.

I first met Kuba, as many know him as, soon after I began posting my stupid little glorified mix tape of a show, NECRO SHOCK RADIO, back in 2007. He was the first person outside of my small circle of friends to show interest in it, thinking it had potential. Well, enough of a potential to endorce it through his own Christian rock and metal network, the Full Armor Of God. I didn’t really think much of it at first, but after being urged by my boss to give him a call at least (and made me call him there at the store, otherwise “I’ll fire you”…I’m not certain if he was entirely joking about that or not), where I found myself talking to a guy who was…well, “enthusiastic” just doesn’t do him justice, now does it?

kuba 2
If I were to compare Kuba to a celebrity, I would say he reminded me a lot of John Candy. In that, I mean Kuba had a genuine charisma about him that would immediately disarm even the most guarded of introverts. And I happen to be one of the most guarded of introverts going. I have a feeling that, if he walked into a room, he wouldn’t have had to say anything and everyone would know he was there. He was that kind of a guy.

Over time, though, he proved his character to be just as genuine. Which, I’m ashamed to say, is a rare thing with anyone these days (and (I’m throwing myself in with that lot, there). He would call just to see how I was doing. Never once did I get the feeling that there was an alterier motive in his interest in our friendship. Even when discussing matters of faith, he always wanted to hear the unvarnished truth, not some dressed-up and shiny “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!” kind of Christian game.

And now he’s gone. I never could find the time or the means to actually meet him and his wife in person. And now he’s Home, and I have to wait until I’m called back to meet him finally. I am going to miss the man. It’s not going to be the same, not seeing his posts in my Facebook feed, his occational message to see how I’m doing, his pics of the choppers and such he found…that wacky kitten of his. I’m still in shock, really.

Rest in peace, good Demonslayer. To live is Christ, and to die is gain; until we finally meet, God bless my wonderful freak.