Misfits Band Logo

You may be thinking to yourself, “Self, why is a punk band like The Misfits on this particular YEAR OF METAL collection?” The answer to that question would be “SHADDUP!” Another answer would be, not only did they fuse theatrical Hammer Horror to punk rock, but they also influenced a little metal band you may have heard of: Metallica. Specifically, it was the late, great Cliff Burton that introduced the band to a mix tape of his of the Misfits, and went a long way to incorporating melody in with the thrash onslaught they were still pioneering back in the day. You may not be familiar with their music (personally, I prefer the post-Danzig era, mainly because the guy’s a jerk), but at least you can recognize their feind logo shirts that everybody and their grandmother has, thanks to Hot Topic.

“Night Of The Living Dead”

“Earth A.D.”

“American Psycho”