anderson lynn marYesterday was April Fool’s Day. Not a significant “holiday” that I really got into. I’m not the practical joke kinda guy, and traditionally the first of April has been promoted as the High Holy Day of merry pranksters everywhere…even though it was originally named that in Medieval times  by highfalutin types who celebrated on the New Year on January 1st and called anyone who celebrated the old April 1st as the New Year a “fool”, but I digress. Never really had much of an opinion either way about the non-holiday, and I’ve never known anyone personally who really relished wholesale pranking the way television and movies portray some. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate a well-executed prank. I’ve just never really looked at April 1st as much more than the first day in April. And also the day to question everything I read in my Facebook news feed.

Which is why yesterday, April Fool’s Day, when I read of the passing of one of my longtime cyber friends, I didn’t immediately believe it, for maybe a split second.  Having just come off of an extremely bad day, I saw in the news feed that Anderson Mar had passed away due to complications following a fire on March 28th.

I was stunned. I quickly scanned through the myriad of comments left by her friends and associates since the news was announced, hoping that this was a joke, morbid as it may have been. But no, it wasn’t. And I sat there, in my car, in stunned silence, staring at my phone, almost willing the reality of it all from sinking in.

The world has lost an amazing woman. I know, it sounds so very cliché to say that. In this case, though, I submit that this is a very genuine assessment of the lady. And I know of a multitude that would agree with me whole-heartedly.

I never met Anderson personally, face-to-face. She was someone I “met” originally on an Xian Goth Yahoo mail group back around the year 2000 or so. She was one of the few that have carried over from that list, to be friends with on Live Journal (where her rants were stuff of legend), My Space, and finally Facebook. She loved life, and loved expressing this through non-conventional means. She found beauty in what many would consider ugly and dark, appreciated honesty, was fiercely loyal, and worked hard at what she loved.

There were two passions of hers that I was aware of: Music and cats. She promoted the New England music scene via her Dark Sky Productions, was very much a staple in the punk, goth and other underground music scenes, fronted the band Sans Nomenclature, and was an instructor at the Boston School of Rock. I remember reading (and drooling and pining over) the various band promotions she would post on her FB page, which–even though I was nowhere near able to just hop a bus and catch any of these shows–lead me to check out some of the more obscure names I would come across. She would also post the promotional stuffs of what the School of Rock was putting on, and absolutely gush over how much she loved her kids there.

And her passion for cats. Not only talking about the ones she owned (or has owned), she would also post pics of local area homeless kitties needing a new forever home. I lost count of how many times I’ve squeed over those pics. Yeah, I said it. I squeed.

As I have mentioned, I was never able to meet her in person. But, over the years of interaction both through social media and PMs and emails, well…the news of her passing was very, very significant. Yes, the world has lost a very unique, very bright and shining soul; it is all the more dark now.

Farewell, my friend.