Movies+Beer: JOHN WICK 3

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john wick 3 banner

Join with Exalted Geeks Brian, Jacob, James Classic and some other guy as they discuss the newest John Wick movie…does it hold up to the other movies? Plus, Brian has some words about this season of Game Of Thrones, and a bit on the upcoming movies on the docket…


Movies+Beer Pubcast: DETECTIVE PIKACHU

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detective pikachu

James is joined by Brian, Andrea, Jacob, Everett and Sarah to discuss the live-action Pokemon movie, Detective Pikachu. Was it good? Was it merely fan wankery? Do the Exalted Geeks go down several rabbit trails during the discussion of the movie? Listen in and find out…

Movies+Beer: SHAZAM!

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Bit late getting this uploaded; I’m joined by Brian, Andrea and New Guy to discuss the other Captain Marvel movie to come out this year…

Movies + Beer: HELLBOY 2019

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MOVIES + BEERhellboy 2019

James is joined by Brian and Andrea at Sean O’ Casey’s, and discuss the new Hellboy reboot…among other things…


Uncle NecRo Watches: HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U

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happy death day 2u banner

Uncle NecRo is joined by Brian from the Will Code For Beer pubcast in watching the sequel to Happy Death Day, HAPPY DEATH DAY 2 U. Did he loath it as much as the first one? Did the movie actually pull off the impossible and made him like it? It’s…complicated. Let’s just say that, this is the first Uncle NecRo Watches that made him get a beer for the pubcast…


WCFB – You Don’t Call Chicks Broads

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“You Don’t Call Chicks Broads”
Recorded 6/21/2018

James Classic is back after an extended break to take care of a pain in the butt, and since he’s the only one with the recording equipment we just now get a new episode of Will Code For Beer! Come Join Art, Brian, Andrea, Sarah and Everett as we discuss, among other things, parenthood, wedding anniversaries, the Kansas City Maker’s Fair, and various other pop culture nerd rage topics…

HALLOWEEN’ING 2016: Day 21 – Scary Acres

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Located just West of Omaha off of Giles Road, on 20 acres close to the middle of nowhere, lays the Halloween attraction known as Scary Acres.

Opened back in 2002, this multi-attraction site has roots in the long-closed Peony Park, when in 1993 the Train of Terror delightfully frightened the amusement park’s attendants. When Peony Park closed its gates that year, the attraction morphed into the Fright Zone, which operated at various locations in the Omaha area, ultimately opening an adjacent Fear Factory. Then, yada yada yada, Scary Acres.

There are three attractions to get your terror fix, here: The Master’s Castle, the Haunted Woods, and House on the Hill. You can get tickets for individual ones, or all three for a discounted price. There are bonfires to chase away the chill in your bones, and concessions when you need to renew your strength to fight back the denizens of the abyss. Or those things under your bed. Or…well, you get the idea.

Unfortunately, back when I went, I only had time to experience one of the three, so I opted for the Master’s Castle. I’m not saying how my experience was. You’re going to have to see for yourself.


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