Movies+Beer: ENS RATIONIS + Top 5 Favorite Horror Movies Talk

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James is joined by Kari once again to discuss the new short film Ens Rationis, as well as chat a bit about their Top Five favorite horror movies. It’s in the title, there. What makes the list? Are there some hidden gems to check out? Only one way to find out, tender listener…

ENS RATIONIS on Amazon Prime


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american poltergeis

James is joined once again by Kari via Skype to discuss the 2015 direct-to-video stinker American Poltergeist! Come, listen as we marvel at how bad this movie is, and how close we came to a sequel…


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Uncle NecRo finally figured out how to use Skype (kinda), and enlisted the help of longtime friend Kari on her first time on the podcast, to watch a movie so terrible I couldn’t just do justice with a mere write-up: MANDY THE HAUNTED DOLL! Listen along as we go through this waste of a Haunted Doll movie, if you dare!


HALLOWEEN’ING Day 14: Welcome To Night Vale

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halloween'ing 2017WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE
One of the Exalted Geeks introduced me to the twice-monthly podcast Welcome To Night Vale a couple of years ago. This was a fantastic find, as this half-hour long podcast manages to blend together both my love of horror and my twisted and dark sense of humor.

Presented as an NPR-style radio show broadcast in an unknown part of the American Southwest in the town of Night Vale. It’s pretty evident that this town isn’t quite normal, as Lovecraftian weirdness is reported on by one of the more pleasant sounding hosts you will ever come across.




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Uncle NecRo here, and I finally got around to purchasing some legit space on a site to upload the sessions, and also to a place where I can actually do the upload without timing out on the internets. You’re welcome. This Session of delicious Brutal Music Therapy features selections from:

armageddon holocaust - radioactive zone 245 broken flesh - stripped, stabbed, and crucified firegate - woe, woe, woe forfeit thee untrue - blood soaked splinter grave robber - straight to hell mortification - realm of the skelataur nyves - anxiety


NECRO SHOCK RADIO – Series 3, Session 4

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necro shock radio logo 1

After a nasty bout of sinus infection, Uncle NecRo was able to maintain lucidity long enough to bring us another hour or so of the Brutal Music Therapy!

Featuring the likes of:
Becoming The Archetype, Chatterbox, Drottnar, EnGrave, Fearscape, Grave Declaration, Holy Danger, Klank, Royal Anguish, Saint Spirit, Still Breathing, and Tourniquet…

NECRO SHOCK RADIO – Series 3, Session 3

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necro shock radio logo 1…it’s time once again for some Brutal Music Therapy, boys and girls…

Featuring Cuts From:

Dragon's Cry, The Eternal, Eternal Decision, The Famine, Final Surrender, The Groaning, InnerWish, King James, Once Dead, Pantokrator, Place Of Skulls, Romero, Saint, and Temple Of Blood


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