Music Review: VARIOUS ARTISTS – Southern Extremities

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southern extremitiesVARIOUS ARTISTS
Southern Extremities: Brasilian Metal Compilation
Rowe Productions

Steve Rowe’s Rowe Productions label, over the years, has done much to help expose metal bands and artists from around the entire globe, through the release of the compilations that featured country and continental themes with the bands and artists chosen for them. It’s a pity that these compilations stopped after just a handful of them, as it would have been nifty to have every country and continent eventually represented on the label releases. As it stands, the last of these compilation series that Rowe Productions has released seems to be this particular one, Southern Extremities.

Focusing on the country of Brazil (which is part of the South American continent, in case you’re not up on your geography), this comp features four cuts each from three bands: Vollig Heilig (“Running Time”, “Looking For The Light”, “Don’t Stop The Music”, and “Revenge”, from their Looking For The Light release), Stauros (“Seaquake”, “The First Mile”, “Vital Blood” and “Dance Of The Seeds” from their Seaquake release), and Light Hammer (“Holy Wings”, “The Bright You’ll Know”, “Wake Up” and “Why Were You Born?”, from the Holy Wings demo). The band Vollig Heilig, I am pedantically obligated to point out, changed their name to Belica, and re-released Looking For The Light under that name a year after the original release. There, that’s something you know, now. And you can’t un-know it. Maniacal laughter.

On the plus side, Southern Extremities has the entirety of Light Hammer’s ultra-rare Holy Wings demo, albeit the tracks being out-of-sequence on here. Plus, the metal featured on here is pretty good, sticking with the general power metal style on each of the three entries on the band list. Which kind of brings me to my primary gripe about this compilation: Why just stick to power metal? With the previous compilations, there was a smorgasbord–a metaphorical cornucopia, if you will–of various metal styles, not just one. I know for a fact that Brazil (not to mention the entirety of South America in general) is one of the most fertile breeding grounds of all kinds of metal genres going — death metal, black metal, punk, hardcore, industrial…why just power metal? I feel a great opportunity to school us American metalheads on Brazilian metal beyond just Sepultura was sorely missed.

Personally, the reason I hold on to this compilation is because of the Light Hammer demo’s inclusion. As a cross-section of the Brazilian metal scene, you would do better by seeking out the Kingdom Of Metal Land compilations for a better variety.


NECRO SHOCK RADIO – 2017 Easter Special

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Featuring Cuts From:

NECRO SHOCK RADIO – February 25, 2017

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FEBRUARY 25, 2017*

*- Yeah, it’s a day later than the date it was supposed to go on, but that’s the nature of the wifi here in the Therapy Asylum…anyway…

Featuring Selections From:

NECRO SHOCK RADIO -February 18, 2017

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February 18, 2017

Featuring Cuts From:

NECRO SHOCK RADIO – February 4, 2017

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FEBRUARY 4th, 2017

Featuring cuts from:


Music Review: 3:16 – Toda Su Sangre

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Toda Su Sangre

Having done a bit of research on the band that’s named after a chapter and verse in the Bible (as to which one, I can only wager a wild guess…I’m betting it’s one of the Chronicles in the Old Testament), it looks like there has been two bands using that moniker: a “classic rock” style from the state of Arkansas that released one album in 2003, and a power metal band a bit more south on the map; namely, Peru from the South American land mass. I haven’t heard of the former band, nor have I seen their only release; I have, however, heard of the later 3:16, and have listened to both of their demos. So, that’s the one we’re focusing on here in this review.

Toda Su Sangre is the first demo recorded by the Peruvian band, released in  independently in 2006. I haven’t ran across much about the band itself, other than they appear to be active, according to my usual research tool for all things \,,/METAL\,,/, the Metal Archives. The music contained within is power metal, heavy melodic with some touches of speed thrown in, with lyrics that are sung in the band’s native language. The music itself is very good, with some decent riffs and shred solos. The title track has a rather good doom riff with a verging on speed metal mid point. That said…

The weakest point on this album is definitely the vocals. For whatever reason, the guy handing the vocals just cannot hit those notes the majority of the time; and when he can, it’s still quite lackluster in the delivery. Listening to them, you can’t help but cringe, being a severe distraction to the overall enjoyment of the metal. Also, once in a while some cartoonish-sounding “demon” effects show up for what sounds like a quick sneeze, then goes back to whatever it was he was doing at the time, playing Minecraft or whatever.

So, overall Toda Su Sangre shows signs of promise for a demo release, on the metal side. Some work, some spit-and-polish and something epic might sprout. The biggest change needed would be the vocals. Lackluster at best, cringe-worthy at worst, as mentioned before. I cannot point this out too much, here.

Music Review: ANCIENT PROPHECY – Pounded By Our Sins

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Music Review: ANCIENT PROPHECY - Pounded By Our Sins

Pounded By Our Sins

Hailing from Germany, Ancient Prophecy plays a style of metal that is an interesting hybrid of power metal and traditional heavy metal that blends together into something only the Germans can seem to pull off. After releasing a couple of demos, they released their first full-length release, Pounded By Our Sins digitally in 2015.

I once read a review of Pounded By Our Sins on another review site, describing the music as “melodic thrash”. That’s what led me to seek out and purchase this album in the first place. And after listening to this, I have to counter that “melodic thrash” with NO. This isn’t even Thrash Metal’s first cousin, Speed Metal. The music on Pounded By Our Sins is best described as Power Metal with a blend of Heavy Metal. I can maybe understand someone who’s not familiar with thrash to mistake this for thrash, what with the use of blastbeats and faster-than-usual guitar riffing. But make no mistake, this is epic and powerful HEAVY METAL we’re dealing with.

Kicking off with the anthem “Metal Is Still Alive”–complete with an opening chant, big chorus sing-alongs, all set to epic riffs and soaring and powerful female vocals intertwined with a bit of growly male vocals. This is followed by two more mid-paced and decent cuts, “New Chapter” and “True Trinity”, which follow the same pacing as the opener.

However, it’s when we get to the fourth cut on the album, “Pounded”, is when the quality of the album goes from good to really good. From here on to the end of the album, we’re bombarded with some fantastic guitar riffing, some excellent rhythm work, and very powerful vocals provided by Jaqueline Kunz, sounding as good as fellow German metal crooner Doro Pesch. The production on the entire thing is fantastic, bringing out the quality of the metal contained therein.

Overall, Pounded By Our Sins is a quality independent release of some good, solid and heavy \,,/METAL\,,/ that isn’t just the usual shiny, happy melodic stuff. Recommended.

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