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MAY 6, 2017

Finally, after taking two weeks off to deal with a massive sinus cold infection, Uncle NecRo is back to continue the weekly dispelling of the Brutal Music Therapy we all crave…

Featuring cuts from:

NECRO SHOCK RADIO – Session 3.11

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It’s time again for some more Brutal Music Therapy! And this time out, Uncle NecRo is feeling a bit nostalgic for some of the stuff he used to listen to back when he was but a young man himself. And he’s now sharing the pain with you all!

Featuring cuts from these albums:

barren cross - atomic arena bloodgood - detonation one bad pig - smash shout in your face stryper - to hell with the devil whitecross - triumphant return x-sinner - get it

Music Review: The HUNTINGTONS – High School Rock

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The HUNTINGTONS - High School Rock
High School Rock
Tooth & Nail

I’ll give The Huntingtons credit- they’re consistent. I don’t know if High School Rock was their first on Tooth & Nail or not. All I know is, more of the Ramones sound with some pop punk leanings. Personally, it gets old after a while, so I’ll listen to it in spurts, then change over to a different style…but that’s just me…

Music Review: The HUNTINGTONS – Plastic Surgery

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The HUNTINGTONS - Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Tooth & Nail

Melodic punk. Not exactly my cup of tea, but something I listen to now and then. Like most punk, I’d have to be in a certain mood to listen to this, and as The Huntingtons are more geared toward ripping off The Ramones than ripping off Green Day, this disc is much more tolerable than most Christian punk out there…


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“On The Cover” Special!

…in this special Therapy Session, Uncle NecRo goes a bit batty and plays a bunch of covers by a bunch of bands! Wackiness doth ensue!

featuring: Crimson Thorn, Deliverance, DigHayZoose, Frost Like Ashes, Galactic Cowboys, Mordecai, One Bad Pig, Place Of Skulls, Step Cousin, Stryper, Tourniquet, and Ultimatum…

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