Vinyl Confessions: BUYING BACK MY CHILDHOOD, Pt. 1

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So, one of the objectives I have when I dived back into collecting vinyl records was to try and get back some of my favorites that I may not have originally owned on that format, but were integral in shaping my personal soundtrack growing up. So far, it’s been fun running into some of these bits…
duran duran notorious
DURAN DURAN – Notorious
Not my favorite Duran Duran album, but still something I nabbed when I saw it at Half Price Books. The title track skips right at the beginning, which sucks…
nugent, ted - double live gonzo
TED NUGENT – Double Live Gonzo
It’s one of the albums that my Uncle Jerry gave me when he heard me listening to Wham. It’s one of the two gateway albums that he gave me that got me into hard rock and metal in the first place. Which is the main reason why I have this in the first place. Otherwise, not really a fan of the Nuge’s music outside of the radio hits…
run dmc - raisin hell
RUN-D.M.C. – Raisin’ Hell
Bought it as a nerdy 13-year-old white kid because of their cover of Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way”; discovered that this is a solid album front-to-back. Still one of my favorites…
bon jovi - slippery when wet
BON JOVI – Slippery When Wet
I once overheard a teenage coworker years ago proclaim–out loud–that Bon Jovi was the Nickelback of the 80s. I immediately chucked several sharp objects at him. Slippery When Wet may be their only album that I can still listen to front-to-back (with their follow-up New Jersey coming a close second) in public and not be ashamed of doing so. It’s also one of the very few good memories I have of my Junior High years. That, and the Run-D.M.C. record…


HALLOWEEN’ING 2016: Day 26 – A Nightmare On My Street

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D. J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

Before he was an “actor” starring in “movies”, Will Smith was a “rapper” that went by the moniker The Fresh Prince, because it was the 80s. Along with his cohort D. J. Jazzy Jeff, he released the album He’s The DJ, I’m The Rapper in 1988, which featured as its first track a curious little exorcise in copyright infringement titled “A Nightmare On My Street”.

To be fair, “A Nightmare On My Street” was entered for consideration to be included in the soundtrack for the fourth installment of the Nightmare series, The Dream Master…but that was turned down in favor of the much more tasteful “Are You Ready For Freddy” by The Fat Boys [/sarcasm].

As a choice for inclusion in any Halloween mix, “A Nightmare On My Street” is a no-brainer, really. It’s campy as only The Fresh Prince can do, telling the tale of his own wacky encounter with Freddy, with a chilling ending that, if taken in contextual reality, can only mean that the Jazzy Jeff (D. J. or otherwise) since then was a reanimated corpse brought back by means of voodoo to keep kicking out those jams at an 87% efficiency level.

Note: The version that appears on the original LP and cassette releases are over 6 minutes, while the CD and single versions are only 4 minutes 53 seconds long. This is because CD technology back then sucked, and could only hold a truncated version of the song. Try and find the original 6 minute version, if you’re so inclined.