Sunday A’La Carte – November 16, 2014

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tesla is metalHello, everyone. And welcome once again to another Sunday night, courtesy of the theory of Relativity. Meaning, the older I get, the faster the days seem to zip by. This phenomenon is linked to me being able to blink, and suddenly the weekend is gone, and I’m here once again typing out my various brain droppings and inane ramblings for another weak on this exorcise in blogging I like to call the Sunday A’La Carte.

I’ll go ahead and get this out of the way: The reason why I didn’t post last week’s A’la Carte on this blog was because I was blocked from making posts for a bit, until things could get straightened out. By that, I mean that apparently I’ve been scheduling far too many future posts, mainly reposts from the previous defunct Blogspot sites of mine, in one setting, and that hoisted a red flag to the moderators of Word Press. Fair enough. I do tend to power through things in one setting, and while I find being able to schedule posts to be automatically published onto the blog to be very helpful to get something out every day of the week, I do tend to overdo it. I’m rather prolific with my writings, I’m afraid. But, things were taken care of, and I’m able to post things once again. Which means, you can all ignore my whiny over-reaction from last week. If you haven’t already.

metalcore clownFor the past couple of months, now, my trusty LG Android has been showing signs of derping. Well, it’s always had its moments of derp, but more recently it has been exhibiting more concerning signs of possibly a massive DERP that it cannot recover from. Eh, it’s been two years with the device. And while it’s been wonderful (though the 3G on the thing was laughable at best), I decided today to get a newer Android to replace the old one. This time I got the Moto E, which was still under $100, bigger screen, and sleeker looking. I’ve named it the Pandorica. Because, when switching over the service from the LG to the Moto on the Straight Talk page, it asked me for a nickname. And I tend to name all of my things (my skull-topped cane is named “Johnny”, for instance), so I decided to name the new multi-media device that can also make phone calls the Pandorica, after that weird boxy contraption the Doctor’s enemies stuck him in. Yeah, it’s a geek reference. What else did you expect from me? Moving on to other geek stuffs…

tumbe dryIn the Wacky World of \,,/METAL\,,/: Do you remember that probe that landed on that comet? It was all over the news, there. You know what I’m talking about, it was buried underneath Kardashian news, there. I find news involving space much more interesting than Kim’s photoshopped butt. Anyway, one of the head scientists who worked on the Rosetta mission is a Cannibal Corpse fan. All of you other science geeks can keep Neil deGrasse Tyson; Dr. Matt Taylor is my science boy, right behind Nikola Tesla. Then, we got (c)rap artist Nicki Minaj blaming citing the show Metalocalypse as one of the influences on her controversial new video. Haven’t seen it, personally. The Nicki Minaj video, I mean. I have better things to waste my time on. Like these motivational posters using \,,/METAL\,,/ lyrics. See what I did, there? Yeah, boy.

thisJust got done reading the Philip K. Dick Reader, a collection of some of Dick’s short stories. Very fascinating stuff. Makes me hungry for more. But, it’s going to have to wait until I’m through my reading cue. Started up with the book Damned by Chuck Palahniuk—you know, the guy who wrote Fight Club. I’ve described Damned as kind of like what Dante’s Inferno would be like if it was more like The Breakfast Club, and filtered through the mind of Clive Barker.

worst alternate endingSTUFF I’VE WRITTEN: Well, rather large load of stuff this week, as the repostings continue on: Movie Reviews of the vampire flick Southern Gothic, the stinky Spider-Man 3, the Blair Witch rip-off The St. Francisville Experiment, the original mini-series of Stephen King’s The Stand, the rather awful 2004 remake of The Stepford Wives, the bio-pic of pro wrastler Sting, and Dee Snider’s opus to body mod horror Strangeland. In music, I review three Extol albums here, here and here, an album from hardcore band Focused here, a Faithbomb album here, some Forsaken Lemonade here, something by Fasedown here, a bit of Forevertree here, a dash of Forthwright here, a little grindcore by way of Frank’s Enemy here, the two-song EP by black metal band Frosthardr here, the three albums by Frost Like Ashes here, here and here, three albums by the Galactic Cowboys here, here and here, some industrial goodness by way of Generation here and GlobalWaveSystem here, and then rounding things off with reviews from Gnashing Of Teeth here, and Goliath here. *phew* And last but not least, I share my brain droppings on trying out Chick-Fil-A for the (alleged) first time, the night I waxed nostalgic over the album Dark Side Of The Moon at a bar, some randumb thoughts, and a funny little list for those who may or may not go to a Christian college.

That’s all for this week. I have to go in early for some Mandatory Over-Time, so I thought I’d curl up with that book I’m reading for a bit before knocking off for my beauty rest. Thus, I leave you with what can only be described as Vulgar Display of Cuteness. Cheers, my wonderful freaks.


Sunday A’La Carte – August 3, 2014

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Well, I did it again. I blinked, and suddenly it was near the end of Sunday. That means another instalment of Sunday A’La Carte. I just got back from watching my sister and brother-in-law’s puppies over the weekend, while they took my three nephews to Adventure Land in Des Moines, IA for a couple of days. Last vacation for them before school starts up again in a couple of weeks. What was it like, watching over eight about-to-be-weened pups, and their mum who looks like she’s counting the days to getting her teats back to normal? Rather relaxing, actually. They’re still sleeping more often than not, and besides feeding them mushy solids twice a day, and making sure the Mum had her water and food bowls filled constantly (nursing takes a lot out of you, I’m told), I rather enjoyed the solitude, writing on my laptop about various things and whatnot, and taking advantage of the NetFlix streaming on their Roku device. Speaking of which…

– Watched a documentary on the deadliest animals in Australia. I can safely say that visiting there has been removed from any form of bucket list I may have been working on. There’s just so many animals there that can either kill you or mess you up pretty badly, with three quarters of those looking really adorable while doing it. Completely left out the Drop Bears, though. An oversight that should be rectified…

– While in Des Moines, my sister’s family did dine at Zombie Burger. I’ve been meaning to take the 4-hour pilgrimage to that city, just to eat there, since I heard of its opening several years ago. Circumstances kept having me put it off. And now, my dear sister, her husband and my three nephews have beat me to it. It was going to be one of the places utilized for my bachelor party that never happened. Eh, at least they got a copy of the menu, and it’s delightfully awesome sounding. I need to scratch that little item off of my bucket list post-haste. And, they sell tee shirts, I’m told…

bless you

– This week, I read The Resort by one of my favorite horror genre writers, Bentley Little. Always loves me some Bentley Little. Tomorrow, I begin the Second Doctor adventure, Dreams Of Empire

– STUFF I’VE WRITTEN THIS WEEK: Let’s see, I wrote a review of a very horrible zombie movie I watched this weekend, and gave my thoughts on what should be played at my funeral. Along with other things in my Death Is The Only Happy Ending (de)composition notebook that I can’t link to at the moment. I need to write a bit after coming home from work, instead of having my brain shut down like it always does when I see my bed…hmmm…

garfield - profound thought

– NECRO SHOCK RADIO Session 2.19 is up, featuring the sultry, soothing sounds of Deitiphobia, Extol, Guardian, Human 2.7, Inversion, Jet Circus, Krig, Living Sacrifice, Mourn In Silence, Nailed Promise, Not One Is Upright, Overdrive, Promessa Divina, Royal Anguish, Sympathy, Tourniquet, Uzias, Vengeance Rising, Wicked’s End, X-Propagation, and Ziad. Check it out here

So, then tomorrow it’s back to the daily grind at work. Hope everyone has a good week, and all that…