366 DAYS OF METAL: “Destructive Heresies” (Sacrament)

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Vinyl Confessions: RIGHTEOUS METAL III

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saint - in the battle
SAINT – In The Battle
This was a comeback of sorts for Saint, getting back their original singer and their original heavy metal LIKE GOD INTENDED; a decade or so later, they remaster and re-released this with new artwork and on gorgeous white vinyl…fan-tastic, really…

philadelphia - search and destroy

PHILADELPHIA – Search & Destroy
Here was the Holy Grail of rare early metal releases, trying to find it since hearing the title cut on the cheesy yet fun Righteous Metal compilation; thanks to Roxx Records, I now have it, on gold vinyl and a greatly improved album cover artwork…came with a sticker of the album artwork as well…

xdisciplex - heaven + hell

xDISCIPLEx A.D. – Heaven & Hell
Randomly ran into this one at Half Price Books perusing their used vinyl, and grabbed it immediately…great hardcore classic, pressed on clear vinyl…looks good, sounds good, bit of water damage on the cover, but otherwise a great find…

sacrament - testimony of apocalypse

SACRAMENT – Testimony Of Apocalypse
This album needed the vinyl treatment, and save for the spindle hole being a bit small, I have no complaints about this thrash classic re-release…


NECRO SHOCK RADIO: Session 3.10 – Thrash Metal Special

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It’s that time again, and this time the Randomizer has been crammed full of classics from one of Uncle NecRo’s favorite genres: Thrash Metal! Prepare to be twitchy, my wonderful freaks…

Featuring cuts from:

living sacrifice - living sacrifice Sacrament - 1990 - Testimony Of Apocalypse ultimatum - puppet of destruction vengeance rising - once dead Jesus Freaks - Socially Unacceptable deliverance - weapons of our warfare believer - extraction from mortality