Music Review: KRIG – Target: Human-Mission: Destroy

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KRIG - Target_ Human-Mission_ DestroyKRIG
Target: Human-Mission: Destroy

The second full-length release from these Brazilian death metal minstrels (it’s my blog, and I’ll use as much purple prose as I want) finds Krig continuing on with crafting some rather tasty death metal going.

Target: Humanity; Mission: Destroy kicks things off right with the opening cut “Mercenary Pastor”, which is heavy, has a nice groove and is a bit chaotic at points. Krig is definitely not one of those bands that feels the need to be Br00tal for brutality’s sake, and that is evident in the songs “Fatal Brutality”, “Chaos In The Air” and “You Will Be Hated” (not a cover of the Vengeance Rising song, mind), which showcases some good riffs and a nice mid-paced groove. That isn’t to say they’re afraid to bring the full-on death metal goodness and play it safe: “Fast Food” has an interesting riff and breakdown, “My Intestine Is Displayed” is a great gut-churning cut, and the closing track–“Beautiful Mutilation”–ends things with some classic blast beat death metal riffage with a bit of a progressive edge thrown in.

Overall, Target: Humanity; Mission: Destroy is a very good death metal gem from the South American continent. If by now you’re still unaware of the fertile metal community there, you’re missing out. And Krig is (was?) a shining example of that. Recommended.



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clamatoriusBlack metal is a style normally associated with the Scandinavian countries- Norway, Sweden, Denmark- and some European countries as well. The one country that doesn’t generally pop to mind when one speaks of black metal is Brazil. The metal scene is alive and kicking in the South American country however, and one of the bands representing the Christian black metal, or “holy metal” as they refer to it,scene is a band called Clamatorius. This is an e-mail interview I did with the band back in 2002 for the Dead E-Zine…

What is the current Clamatorius lineup?

Clamatorius is: Wulthus- vocals, Igniferus- guitars, Wulkan- bass, Arcanun- drums, and recently Abhorret- guitar and Haggadah- keyboards. So now we have two guitar players…

How did Clamatorius come to be?

In 1999 I started Clamatorius, and now I’m the one from the original line up. Now we are a more stable band (with this lineup.) To me it is very good to know I can count on musicians that are in the band today, we are a family and its what makes the difference in the band: the unity.

Consummatum Est. is a very intense black metal (or un-black metal) album. What has the response been to the CD?

I think we expressed through this CD a little bit of what we really are. We didn’t try to make, the same music other bands have made. We tried to be what we are. But God knows to guide and we won’t give up, never. We are a “holy metal” band. What we do goes beyond “black metal” just as our God goes beyond human comprehension. Our music also is not limited by actual parameters…

What is the black metal (and extreme music) scene like in Brazil?

It is very diversified and closed in some views. The Christian scene is large, we have some good bands like Clemency, Burial Sarkikos, Death Poems, Hazael, Zurisadai…I just think it could have more unity.

What’s the reception been like for the band in the non-Christian music scene?

I have received praises, but still is far to go to be accepted.

How often do you get to play live?

We play a lot of live shows. We love to play live shows, we play some festivals. This year we have played in festivals made by CMF (Christian Metal Force) from GO (our state) DF and Sao Paulo. To play live is a good opportunity to talk about Christ and His love.

Who is Jesus to you?

Jesus is the one who keeps us alive, He is our life and light. Means a lot to have him as Father and God. His grace restrict us. He is the reason of Clamatorius existence.

What’s Christianity like in Brazil?

The Christianity here is very large, but very divided. The Christian metal has support of some denominations, and opposition of others. Its lacking of respect and unity. But for sure, Brazil is a very blessed country.

What are some of the bands that have influenced Clamatorius’ sound?

We are influenced by some old black/death bands, and some new Christian bands like Antestor, Drottnar, Horde, and some dark/doom.

We try to put our own identity in our music.

How can the readers support your band?

Praying and divulging. We thanks for all support.

Any final comments?

Be Christians and don’t turn into hypocrites. Give value to faith and love, and never forget us from Brazil. God bless you all!!!