linux penguinLater tonight, I’m going to be changing my computer’s desktop to a Linux platform.  Again.  Well, this is the first time I’m going to do so for the Netbook that I’ve been using for the year and a half since my PC gave up the ghost.  I’ve previously had on Ubuntu (an operating system based on Linux), and found it to be a nice fit for me, going beyond just another Windows user.

There’s no real important reason that I’m going about doing this now.  I would have actually put on Ubuntu back when I first got this machine, if not for the fact that I got a bit hooked on the concept of Netflix streaming; and as anyone who uses that service knows, Netflix streaming isn’t compatible with Linux.  But, now that I can safely say that I have that obsession out of my system (it’s not without its quirks, there), I’ve decided I was ready to see if I can stick Ubuntu on here without compromising my wifi capabilities.

So, I spent the last couple of days moving everything on this hard drive to the external hard drive, making notes and such of which websites I will have to rebookmark and what programs I would have to check to see if there’s an OS equivalent of (I do admit, I have grown rather fond of a audio/video converter that I got from one of my fellow Whovians in Lincoln).

So, it’s back to being a novice code nerd.  It’ll be nice to fall back into my little side hobby here.  Cheers.