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immortal souls mordecai splitIMMORTAL SOULS / MORDECAI Split

immortal souls - the cleansing epIMMORTAL SOULS – The Cleansing EP

immortal souls - under the northern skyIMMORTAL SOULS – Under The Northern Sky

immortal souls once upon a time in the northIMMORTAL SOULS – Once Upon A Time In The North

immortal souls - ice upon the nightIMMORTAL SOULS – Ice Upon The Night

immortal souls - wintereichIMMORTAL SOULS – Wintereich

1-13 - Music Review: IMMORTAL SOULS - IV: Requiem For The Art Of DeathIMMORTAL SOULS – IV: Requiem For The Art Of Death

1-6 - Music Review: IMMORTAL SOULS - WintermetalIMMORTAL SOULS – Wintermetal

IMPENDING DOOM - Nailed. Dead. Risen.IMPENDING DOOM – Nailed. Dead. Risen.

IMPENDING DOOM - The Serpent ServantIMPENDING DOOM – The Serpent Servant

impending doom baptized in filthIMPENDING DOOM – Baptized In Filth

impending doom death will reignIMPENDING DOOM – Death Will Reign

impending doom - the sin and the doom vol. iiIMPENDING DOOM – The Sin And The Doom Vol. II

music-review_-in-darkest-dreams-the-vanishingIN DARKEST DREAMS – The Vanishing


incarnate - insufficient fundsINCARNATE – Insufficient Funds

INCRAVE - Dead EndINCRAVE – Dead End

liar's paradiseINDEPENDENT OPPOSITION – Liar’s Paradise

INDUSTRY ELEVEN - The Days And Nights Surrounding ChangeINDUSTRY ELEVEN – The Days And Nights Surrounding Change

inexordiumINEXORDIUM – InExordium

Inevitable-End-The-OculusINEVITABLE END – The Oculus

inversion - the nature of depravityINVERSION – The Nature Of Depravity

JERUSALEM - Dancing On The Head Of The SerpentUSJERUSALEM – Dancing On The Head Of The Serpent

JESUS FREAKS - Socially UnacceptableJESUS FREAKS – Socially Unacceptable

JESUS FREAKS - Jesus FreaksJESUS FREAKS – Jesus Freaks

JESUS WEPT - Sick CityJESUS WEPT – Sick City

Jesus WeptJESUS WEPT – Show’s Over

join the deadJOIN THE DEAD – Join The Dead

kettleblack - look into my eyeKETTLEBLACK – Look Into My Eye

KILLINGTHEOLDMAN - The Violence Of SoundKILLINGTHEOLDMAN – The Violence Of Sound

KingJamesKING JAMES – King James

king james the fall 1KING JAMES – The Fall

music-review-ted-kirkpatrick-the-doom-in-us-allTed KIRKPATRICK – The Doom In Us All

KLANK - Still SufferingKLANK – Still Suffering

KLANK - Downside RemixesKLANK – Downside Remixes

KLANK - NumbKLANK – Numb

KLANK - NumbKLANK – Numb (Reissue)

KLANK - In Memory Of...KLANK – In Memory Of…

KLANK - Numb...RebornKLANK – Numb…Reborn

KLANK - Urban WarfareKLANK – Urban Warfare

klank-riseKLANK – Rise

klay scott - jack of all trades master of noneKLAY SCOTT – Jack Of All Trades…Master Of None

kohllapse - distant mind alternative2KOHLLAPSE – Distant Mind Alternative

krig - stop the manipulationKRIG – Stop The Manipulation

KRIG - Target_ Human-Mission_ DestroyKRIG – Target: Human; Mission: Destroy

ls underground - shaded painLSU – Shaded Pain

WakinUpTheDeadLSU – Wakin’ Up The Dead

LSU - Live At Cornerstone Volume 1LSU – Live At Cornerstone vol. 1

lament - tears of a leperLAMENT – Tears Of A Leper

The LEAD - Burn This RecordThe LEAD – Burn This Record


lee mcderment - a match light in the darkLEE McDERMENT – A Matchlight In The Dark

Leper - FilthLEPER – Filth

Leper - KreischenLEPER – Kreischen

Letter 7 - Salt Of The EarthLETTER 7 – Salt Of The Earth

Life Form - CoveringLIFE FORM – Covering

Light Force - Mystical ThievesLIGHT FORCE – Mystical Thieves

Light Force - The Best Of Light ForceLIGHT FORCE – The Best Of Light Force: Mortification’s Beginnings

Light Force - 1986-1989LIGHT FORCE – 1986-1989

Living Sacrifice - Living SacrificeLIVING SACRIFICE – Living Sacrifice

Living Sacrifice - NonexistentLIVING SACRIFICE – Nonexistent

Living Sacrifice - InhabitLIVING SACRIFICE – Inhabit

Living Sacrifice - RebornLIVING SACRIFICE – Reborn

living sacrifice - the hammering processLIVING SACRIFICE – The Hammering Process

living sacrifice - conceived in fireLIVING SACRIFICE – Conceived In Fire

living sacrifice - in memoriamLIVING SACRIFICE – In Memoriam

LIVING SACRIFICE - The Infinite OrderLIVING SACRIFICE – The Infinite Order

living sacrifice - the ghost thiefLIVING SACRIFICE – The Ghost Thief

lo-ruhamah - the glory of godLO-RUHAMAH – The Glory Of God

1-15 - Music Review: LOVE LIFE - Good Bye Lady JaneLOVE LIFE – Goodbye Lady Jane

lust control - fun fun feelingLUST CONTROL – Fun, Fun Feeling

lust control - we are not ashamedLUST CONTROL – We Are Not Ashamed

lust control getting it right the second timeLUST CONTROL – We Are Not Ashamed: Getting It Right The Second Time

andy mccarroll + moral suport - zionic bondsANDY McCARROLL + MORAL SUPPORT – Zionic Bonds

mainline riders - shot in the darkMAINLINE RIDERS – Shot In The Dark

mainline riders - worldshakerMAINLINE RIDERS – Worldshaker

malcolm + Alwyn - fool's wisdomMALCOLM & ALWYN – Fool’s Wisdom

malcolm & alwyn - wildwallMALCOLM & ALWYN – Wildwall

malchus-the-evil-houseMALCHUS – The Evil House

martyrs shrine - martyrs shrineMARTYRS SHRINE – Martyrs Shrine

mass - take you homeMASS – Take You Home

messiah prophet band - rock the flockMESSIAH PROPHET BAND – Rock The Flock

messiah prophet - master of the metalMESSIAH PROPHET – Master Of The Metal

messiahcolorsMESSIAH PROPHET – Colors

Music Review: MIND OF THE SICK - Anti-Devil SuperstarMIND OF THE SICK – Anti-Devil Superstar

mindkor - dark matterMINDKOR – Dark Matter

Mindrage - Sown In Weakness, Raised In PowerMINDRAGE – Sown In Weakness, Raised In Power

MinierGreg MINIER – Minier


MISERATION - Your Demons Their AngelsMISERATION – Your Demons – Their Angels

1-18 - Music Review: MISERATION - Tragedy Has SpokenMISERATION – Tragedy Has Spoken

P. K. MITCHELL - All Hail The PowerP. K. MITCHELL – All Hail The Power

5-mortalMORTAL – Intense Live Series

mortification break the curseMORTIFICATION – Break The Curse

MORTIFICATION - Mortification1MORTIFICATION – Mortification

MORTIFICATION - Scrolls Of The MegillothMORTIFICATION – Scrolls Of The Megilloth

MORTIFICATION - Post Momentary Affliction1MORTIFICATION – Post Momentary Affliction

MORTIFICATION - Live PlanetariumMORTIFICATION – Live Planetarium


MORTIFICATION - Primitive Rhythm MachineMORTIFICATION – Primitive Rhythm Machine

MORTIFICATION - EnVision EvAngelineMORTIFICATION – EnVision EvAngeline

MORTIFICATION - Live Without FearMORTIFICATION – Live Without Fear

MORTIFICATION - Noah Sat Down And Listened To The Mortification Live EP While Having A CoffeeMORTIFICATION – Noah Sat Down And Listened To The Mortification Live EP While Having A Coffee


MORTIFICATION - The Silver Cord Is SeveredMORTIFICATION – The Silver Cord Is Severed


MORTIFICATION - Erasing The Goblin1MORTIFICATION – Erasing The Goblin

MORTIFICATION - The Evil Addiction Destrying MachineMORTIFICATION – The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine

MORTIFICATION - Scribe Of The PentateuchMORTIFICATION – Scribe Of The Pentateuch

The MOSHKETEERS - The Downward SpiralThe MOSHKETEERS – The Downward Spiral

NECROBLATION - Ablation Of DeathNECROBLATION – Abalation Of Death

necroblation - stab your selfNECROBLATION – Stab Your Self

Necromance - White GothicNECROMANCE – White Gothic

Necromance - Wiederuehr der SchmerzenNECROMANCE – Wiederuehr Der Schmerzen

Necromance - Tribulation ForceNECROMANCE – Tribulation Force

Neon Cross - Neon CrossNEON CROSS – Neon Cross

New Jerusalem - New JerusalemNEW JERUSALEM – New Jerusalem

Nineteen88 - The Great Rock N' Roll SpectacleNINETEEN88 – The Great Rock N’ Roll Spectacle

No Innocent Victim - StrengthNO INNOCENT VICTIM – Strength

No Innocent Victim - No CompromiseNO INNOCENT VICTIM – No Compromise

No Innocent Victim - Flesh & BloodNO INNOCENT VICTIM – Flesh & Blood

nobody special call it whatever you wantNOBODY SPECIAL – Call It Whatever You Want

Norway - The Essence Of NorwayNORWAY – The Essence Of Norway

nyves - anxietyNYVES – Anxiety

officer negative - the death campaignOFFICER NEGATIVE – The Death Campaign

oil - oil epOIL – Oil

one bad apple - creeping thingsONE BAD APPLE – Creeping Things

one bad pig a christian bannedONE BAD PIG – A Christian Banned

one bad pig - smashONE BAD PIG – Smash!

one bad pig - i scream sundayONE BAD PIG – I Scream Sunday

one bad pig - live blow the house downONE BAD PIG – Live: Blow The House Down!

ONE BAD PIG - Live At Cornerstone 2000ONE BAD PIG – Live At Cornerstone 2000

once dead - visions of hellONCE DEAD – Visions Of Hell

onward to olympasONWARD TO OLYMPAS – The War Within Us

OPPROBRIUM - Beyond The Unknown-Serpent TemptationOPPROBRIUM – Beyond The Unknown / Serpent Temptation

opprobrium - discerning forcesOPPROBRIUM – Discerning Forces

overcome - blessed are the persecutedOVERCOME – Blessed Are The Persecuted

overcome - the life of death epOVERCOME – The Life Of Death EP

overcome - more than deathOVERCOME – More Than Death

overcome - immortal until their work is doneOVERCOME – Immortal Until Their Work Is Done

overdrive-rememberingthebasherOVERDRIVE – Remembering The Basher

pale horse - until the last seal is openedPALE HORSE – Until The Last Seal Is Opened

paragon null falsifiedPARAGON NULL – Falsified

paramaecium - exhumed of the earthPARAMAECIUM – Exhumed Of The Earth

paramaecium - repentancePARAMAECIUM – Repentance

Pantokrator-BlodPANTOKRATOR – Blod

pantokrator - aurumPANTOKRATOR – Arurum

pantokrator - a decade of thoughtsPANTOKRATOR – A Decade Of Thoughts

passafist - passafistPASSAFIST – Passafist

payable on death - the warriors epPAYABLE ON DEATH – The Warriors EP

PetraPETRA – Petra

Petra_Come_and_Join_UsPETRA – Come And Join Us

PanoramaPETRA – Washes Whiter Than

petra-more-power-to-yaPETRA – More Power To Ya

petra - not of this worldPETRA – Not Of This World

petra - beat the systemPETRA – Beat The System


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